Darrius’s 5th Meeska Mooska Birthday

Ok, this is another very back dated post which I was supposed to do when I was in KL but the files in my external HD got corrupted so can’t do anything about it. So, just to recap on the occasion. I hope this is not another double post blunder which I made for Darrius’s concert earlier 😛

For Darrius’s 5th birthday, he requested for Mickey Mouse theme a few months prior to his big day. As his actual birthday fell on a Sunday and also a school holiday, we have to bring forward his celebration in school by a week. We decided to have it on the Friday a week before the school holiday which is the same week as his school concert because PiggyBeng happens to be available that morning.

I spent 2 days getting the cakes done. 1st I baked the cuppies and the main mini cake and decorate them the day before. The weather was good on the day I baked the cakes but it turned awry on the day I decorated them… it was extremely humid and it ended raining in the night causing my fondant to melt! 😦 Since everything is already done, I don’t have a choice but hope for the best… which of course luck was not on my side… almost all my cupcake toppers slit off! 😦 I only managed to salvaged a few… *sigh* Was lucky nothing major happened to the mini cake though there were loads of flaws which I managed to hide!!! I was lazy to make the buttercream to 1st frost it so it ended up having some pimply surface! 😐 No time to go patch up since the weather was not cooperating as well…

Then in the morning (was still drizzling on and off) I have to prepare the bentos for his classmates as goodies… Managed to pull it off 30 minutes before we are due to set up the classroom where the party took place.

Here is the birthday boy with his 2-tier cupcakes tower and a mini cake topper…



I was smart this year by getting those Mickey figurine set instead of making them myself! With the awful weather, they could have melted into some monstrous looking stuff! Thanks to my pal, Jenny for helping me to get them and them them over all the way from the US! 😀

As promised by PiggyBeng, Darrius finally has a pinata for his birthday which we had waited for 4 years! We thought that Darrius was too young then to hit on a pinata so I pestered PiggyBeng that by hook or by crook, he has to make one for Darrius 5th birthday and I was glad we managed to pull that one through too!

The pinata was a shape of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as there were none selling here so we have to DIY! PiggyBeng made the rounded part and I completed the entire thing…



The pinata was filled with all kinds of candies and the kids were having so much fun when Darrius was hitting it! All of them have not seen anything like that before and they got so excited cheering Darrius on!



When we are done with the cake blowing, cake cutting and pinata hitting, it was time to distribute the goody bags which were the bento…



I prepared a total of 19 boxes of fresh bento for Darrius’s classmates since they were always intrigued by his cute bentos during their snack breaks. 😀 I did not want to get too complicated so only made a tuna bread pies with some grapes, cherry tomatoes, mango puddings and chicken cocktail candies. The kids were so excited! I also prepared some box drinks which I did not take any photos…

The whole event took us approximately an hour and everyone was happy! I took Darrius to distribute some cupcakes to his other teachers who are in other classes and while we were walking down he told me ‘Mommy, I love you!’ It melted my heart but I was wondering if he really meant what he said! 😛

Anyway, kids will be kids… they forget everything in 3 seconds! hahahaha

So, what will be his next birthday’s theme???


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0 Responses to Darrius’s 5th Meeska Mooska Birthday

  1. KittyCat says:

    Wow, with all the mishaps, you still managed a wonderful birthday cake, bentos and a pinata!!!

    I got dizzy just reading about the rain and the fondant and the buttercreams LOL I know I want to eat your cupcakes but it looks like I won’t have the chance anymore 😦

    Will really miss them (and you), my dear friend…

  2. Yeapies says:

    You are a GREAT mum indeed. If I were a kid, I would love to have you as my mum too. 😛
    Btw, saw the pinata selling at Toy’R’Us in Empire Mall Subang (they have a huge TRU). Costing around RM99 above. But I guess you won’t need them here this year anymore, do you? :p

  3. Awwww…..see all your effort is appreciated by Darrius. I’m so proud of him on your behalf. Feel like hugging that cute little guy. Anyway, Happy Belated 5th Birthday to Darrius.

    Love the cake. You always do such a fabulous job.

  4. Nomadic Mom says:

    Wow! Cannot believe that you took the effort to make 19 bentos!

  5. chanelwong says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Darrius…
    wow you took a lot effort to prepare everything n everything look sooo wonderful from the cake to bento…

  6. jazzmint says:

    faints…u are super lah…somemore can make 19 bentos!!! Happy Belated birthday Darrius

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