He can’t stuffed no more!!!

For dinner last night, PiggyBeng cooked his ‘la-sau’ (famous) grilled sambal ikan selar again. However, this round he decided to cook coconut milk rice to go with the fish. It was only for dinner and he actually cooked 2.5 cups of rice! Normally we only eat about 1.5 cups of rice a meal so we have an excess of 1 cup! Imagine how sinful is that???!!!



So, what happened? He was soooooo stuffed to the brim that he can’t eat them lor! He was still trying to eat since he has some more fish but after a while he said he can’t eat anymore as it is just too much! He said his tummy is going to explode soon! And he still have to finish his bowl of soup which was a left over from the other night.

He said, beside going for a run this morning he has to check out  toprateddietpills.com too so he can have a quick fix to clear out those fat he has been putting on lately! And what is worst, he will have to goon feasting since CNY is just 2 weeks away! Will see how he’s going to manage that!


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