Poor Brisbane…

As most of you know, the entire Brisbane city has submerged in the dirty flood water. Though weather has improved since yesterday but flood water has yet to recede. From news reports, flood water rose as high as 5 meter above sea level in some area drowning thousands of houses and businesses. My heart ache each time I hear such news as we will be moving down under very soon. I just hope such horrible flood will not attack the city we will be moving to.

Piggy Beng’s cousin M who is reading economics in one of the top university there was lucky to have escape this natural disaster as she is back in Malaysia for vacation. Her sister C was lucky as well as she left for Cairns just before the rain comes. However, M’s things was not as lucky as she has left some of them behind which all has submerged in the water. 😦

Another friend who was doing it degree in another university was lucky to escape too as she just graduated 2 months ago and has returned to Singapore.


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