Over spending

I really envy those youngsters these days. Most of them do not have to think much about their futures. They just want to have fun all day long without thinking how hard it is for their parents to earn those monies that they spent so mindlessly!

As I’m the eldest among all my cousins, I still have many younger cousins who are still schooling. All these years I hardly spend much time with them since I was away working when they are growing up and most are staying far away.

Over the weekend, one of my younger cousin sister came for a visit so I have to be her host. She is only 19 and still in college. My mom used to take care of her when she was a baby so she is quite close to my family. She used to be really hard working and did very well in school. However, all that changed when she was involved in the school’s volleyball team before her O level. As a result, she did badly and can’t go for A level.

After a few days with her I realized she is caught in the ‘dream’ world around her. She often fantasizes about some Korean heartthrobs and spent most of her time on social networking sites and watching dramas. Wanted to enjoy all the good things but not doing anything to support her spindrift lifestyle. She over spent here though we cover her accommodation and food. As a matter of fact, she did quite poorly in her college too. She is lucky her parents is not sending her to residential rehab for indulging in all these nonsense!

PiggyBeng gave her a piece of his mind and told her to concentrate on her studies and not spent too much time online and watching dramas wasting her time away…


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  1. KittyCat says:

    Wow, good for Piggybeng! How did she react to that???

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