Walk baby walk!

OH BOY!!!!! Three days ago (@ 13-month & 8 days) Baby G hit another milestone… she started walking unsupported!!!!! She’s sure a dare devil as compared to her kor-kor. :mrgreen: Despite having much lesser opportunities to be on the ground compared to Darrius, she managed to walk earlier too. Darrius started to walk when he was about 14.5 months old.

She has been very daring taking little steps for about 2-3 weeks but she tends to fall forward each time she sees me. If I failed to catch her she will sure to hit flat on her face! It was really pure stunt Itelyu! *shivers*

Once she is able to take more than 3 to 4 steps she turned more daring by the hours. She can even squad down and stand up again without any support! Now she is strutting around the house so proudly the glass can break man! 😆 Yeah, she will have that smug look on her face!!!

It is a good thing that she is getting more independent but it comes with a price. After just 3 days, she already have many blue-black spots on her forehead from knocking on various things eg: the chair, table, the door and etc… *sigh*

I am hoping that there will be no major ‘accidents’ like what her jor-kor went through last time…. Well, like what the elders said, ‘gotta have lots of knocks and falls to grow up!’ *bleah~*


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  1. Paik Ling says:

    Well done baby G! Now mummy will be kept even busier!!!

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