Penang Horse Show 2010

Another back dated post!

We went to the Penang Horse Show which was at the Penang Turf Club from 17-19 December 2010. This was our second time at the show with the first one in 2009. I am not really sure if Darrius really enjoyed the show the previous year… or even the one last year. Frankly, to me everything was exactly the same for the two year running…

The weather for 2009 was scorching hot (as it was in June) but 2010 was rather a wet one! We went on the first day as it was a weekday so hoping for a smaller crowd. Initially we wanted to go before lunch since PiggyBeng was working from home that day but for some reasons we dilly-dally and decided to have lunch first. We went to Chili’s for lunch and after lunch we walked for a bit before going. And when we were just about to arrived… it started to rain *bummer*!

Since we are already there PiggyBeng said we’ll just go in. Wanted to take the carriage ride but it was closed due to the rain. Too bad! So we just moved on to the inside where everything was the same as the previous year.

A shot at the mini stage…



A shot with the horses in their barns is a must…



This year they have this really nice black metal horse where everyone (mostly kids I think) could go up and have a photo taken. Of course Darrius won’t want to miss that chance since he was a chicken if he needs to go on a real one!



How can such a fair is without Mr Clowns?



And Mr Clown asked Darrius what he wanted for his sculpture balloon?

A horse of course!



After getting the balloon, we went out to the other side of the field and discovered that this round they have something new on display…



Heh! Yeah, for those who dares they can go on this Marlborro style rodeo ride. Riders are given equestrian helmets and are required to ride on the mechanical horse and it will spin left or right in a slow to fast motion. The rider must balance him/herself and stay on the horse as long as they can. Pretty fun I must say! Too bad I was too shy to go on it! 😛

Darrius did had fun I guessed though it was a wet-wet day. And not forgetting Ms Samseng who was equally amused by all the new things she saw…



We are looking forward to checking out the Melbourne Cup event the next time which will be even more interesting and exciting! 😛


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0 Responses to Penang Horse Show 2010

  1. choohk says:

    I was caught in the rain at the Floral Fest instead. Proceeded there after got done with the Horse Show…Oh,didn’t know the carriage ride was closed due to rain, me on the other hand had to wait for it to reopen at 2.30pm due to Friday’s extended lunch hour. At least this year got two new items, it had been same old-same old for god knows how long but yet kids enjoy them. I guess it was only the adults that notice the similarity between the years?!? Most importantly the kids had fun,ya?!?

  2. michelle says:

    I went the day after, the weather was slightly better. My gal enjoyed the most because of the face painting and pony ride.

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