An attempt to wean Baby G off night feeds

It was Christmas eve and everyone was getting ready for a long night ahead. We had wanted to stay up late and even thought of popping by the church at Darrius’s kindy for their Christmas Eve celebration but all of us were just too tired after dinner at Gurney Plaza. For once we did not go for Kim Gary or Chili’s! We went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng instead… what a unexpected change!

Before we got ready to sleep around 9+, PiggyBeng told me that since it is going to be a long weekend, he thought we could start our little project… no, not making another baby! Instead, we wanted to wean Baby G off night feeds! Her cries are getting on our nerves as she is one very long winded baby! She can cry non stop until she gets her feed. All of us are just too tired to be woken up by her not once but many times a night!

So, it was Christmas eve PiggyBeng swapped place with me. Instead of me sleeping next to Baby G, he would sleep next to her. After giving her one feed before we turns the lights off we started the project. Oh boy, she refused and started crying from 9.45pm till almost 10.35pm! She finally fell asleep out of tiredness after that 50 minutes of non stop crying!

Then she woke up just before the clock struck 12 (we can hear the fire works outside) and started to cry again. This time we persisted (ignored her) and did not feed her so she continued to cry for almost an hour! She slept out of tiredness again.

At around 3am, she cried again and this time PiggyBeng said I should give her one feed and do I did. After suckling for 15 minutes she fell back to Lalaland again and we moved her back to her place… she did not wake up… must be darn tired!!!

PiggyBeng alarm rang around 5.45am and he went down around 6.10am for his weekend run. Just 15 minutes after he left the room, Baby G cried again and since I was totally knocked out by all her cries the entire night, I gave in and let her have a feed and she fell back to sleep soon after.

On Christmas night we did not stick to our plan and went back to normal as PiggyBeng said he was too tired to be woken up so many times a night (I wonder if he really knows how tough was it for me to be in that situation every night!) so we just let her be. She woke up 2-3 times that night.

So, how is tonight? Well, PiggyBeng caught the flu bugs so after medication earlier he felt drowsy… Yeah, you should know the answer… project off again! 😦

Looks like it is not easy… we never have this problem with Darrius last time. He don’t cry each time after feed but would be a good boy and went back to sleep willingly. Glennedine is entirely different… She will scream and cry after each feed when I try to pat her back to sleep. *sigh*


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0 Responses to An attempt to wean Baby G off night feeds

  1. Cynthia says:

    I think I share the same with you… my Princess also do that.. but me being another piggy, I just let her sleep while latching on, and I SLEEP! I am also thinking how to wean her, but yet to find the ‘way’… let’s gambateh together!

  2. Chew Lee says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Alice…

    Baby Glenn is a girl mah, more manja… just take your time … hehhee.. i know it is tough to be up few times a night… been there too… just hang in there…

  3. Paik Ling says:

    Instead each child is different. Bryan was a terribly difficult baby that woke up every hour until he was 2+. Brandon and Bradley slept through from 6 weeks.

  4. Mamapumpkin says:

    I’ve just sent your blog link to my hubs so he knows we are not alone! He thinks my girls are one of a kind, monsters from hell, but doesn’t realise this is all normal. Babies are just monsters disguised as angels!we’re hvg the same problem here with Tia also. She WANTS HER WAY!!!!

  5. sharine says:

    After reading this, I’m not sure whether I should consider lucky as my boy wean himself off… even I didn’t really expect that to happen so fast over one night…

  6. Shooi says:

    She sounds just like Dylan who feeds thru the night until I weaned him off BM at 27 months! Even now tha

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