Dim Sum @ Town Steamboat Restaurant

The weekend before we went to KL, we had dim sum at Town Steamboat Restaurant. I was not aware of their new business (selling dim sum) until recently. All along I thought they only operates at night doing steamboats which we visited some time back. Before they took over the premise, Red Tea House used to have a branch there selling dim sum too. We used to frequent that branch and was quite sad after they decided to close it. So, we only go to their main branch now which is in Far Lim.



So, what is the verdict? From my experience, their egg tarts were really nice so I ordered some again this round. Not too bad but I found they are not ‘baked’ enough compared to the time when I had my steamboats. I found the char-siu-sou tasted better as the skin was really flaky.



Another items which I found to be slightly different is these…



Mini yam basket with scallop. The yam basket/crust was so-so as it was too thin. Tasted a little burnt too. The filling is the same as char-siu-bao just that it has a slice of scallop on top.

We also ordered these…



They looked really crispy but they were not when I bite on them. đŸ˜¦ The air has made them tough instead so they were quite oily! The filling were minced prawns with some meat if I’m not mistaken.

Then saw something flaky looking and got one to try. It was a salted lotus paste fried dumpling. Tasted quite ok but the skin was not as flaky as it looked.



And lastly, ordered a plate of cheong fun to try and I’ll have to say the sauce was not as good as the one at Red Tea House but the texture of the cheong fun was pretty good. At least it was thin and soft.



Will we go back? I don’t know. The place was extremely crowded and service was pretty poor since they have only minimal staff on duty. It took a long time for them to clear the table and the ordering process was a little screwed up at the counter. Maybe other days of the week the crowd will be tamer but Sunday is not a good day dining there. However, they have a small playland for the kids but it was FILTY! Nonetheless, Darrius rather play in there than eat! O_0


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0 Responses to Dim Sum @ Town Steamboat Restaurant

  1. jacss says:

    there r too many dimsum around that it’s difficult to tell which is good or not NOW….
    btw….i like yr moo-moo watermark there lar….. can teach me how to do it? is it mafan anot everytime wana upload photo?? tks ya
    merry x’mas & happy new year to you….. muak-muak kailui & darrius also, haha!!

  2. Alice Law says:

    Hopping from Annie Q’s blog! Wow, such a scrumptious spread of dim sum! I love flaky egg tarts too, thanks for sharing ya!^-^

    Happy Holiday!

  3. K-Baby says:

    Hi Mommy,
    Let’s win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

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