Darrius’s 1st School Concert

Ok, I have a lot of back dated posts and will start my engine with this…

On 9th of November, Darrius attended his first school concert. It was a graduation cum concert where the K2 will receive their graduation scrolls before doing their final performances.

The event was held at the main event hall at the Dewan Masyarakat Penyayang. It started right on the dot at 8pm though some of the parents are not there yet. Since there were some speeches before the actual event starts, it gave those late comers more time to settle down… πŸ˜›

We arrived very early as we were afraid there will be no parking so we ended up waiting for an entire hour. So while waiting, I got Darrius to pose for me…



He was asked to dress as a Mexican boy though he was not involved in any of the performances. So, he is more like the ‘finale’ kalefeh! πŸ˜› I managed to sew him the poncho myself and we bought the cowboy hat from a shop in the Mainland during one of our shopping trip. I found a sombrero in ToysRUs but it cost RM40+ for one so decided the cowboy hat is better since it only cost less than RM7! πŸ˜›

Besides the K2 graduation ceremony, there are other prize giving ceremonies too for all the students who did well in their studies this school year. Our Darrius did us proud by emerging top in all the 4 core subjects (Bahasa, English, Mathematics and Mandarin) and got a 2nd placing in his class this term…



I must say he has improved so much as compared to the first term. He managed to master Bahasa and Mandarin without our help… yeah, both daddy and mommy has given back the Bahasa the day they left school! πŸ™‚

Though he know nuts about his achievements, he was proud to receive his little trophies…



And after all the performances done by some of his school mates, it was the ‘finale’ where those who are not involved in any of the performances to go on stage for a final song and bid the audiences goodbye. They played Micheal Jackson’s Heal the World and all the kids are dressed in different costumes went on the stage two by two until they fill up the stage…



The entire event lasted 2 hours and by the time we left the place it was almost 10+pm. Everyone was happy though it was tiring.

Good job to the teachers and all the students!!! Hopefully Darrius could attend next year graduation concert but I knew very well he won’t be as we will be moving away…


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