No longer an exclusive breastfed baby

Today marked the day Baby G ending her exclusive journey with breast milk. After much pondering and discussions with PiggyBeng, we decided to start her on formula in an effort to wean her off the breasts…. not sure how long this will take!

Why do we want to wean her so early since we only weaned her kor-kor off when he was 18-month? Well, there were a lot of ‘problems’ this round that we thought it is better for her to get off the breasts sooner.

Sleep – I am so deprived of sleep as Baby G nurses every hour to 1.5 hourly each night making it difficult for me to have decent sleep. Further more I am not an easy sleeper so it took me a long time to fall back to sleep. And when I finally doze off, she is on her next cry for milk! With this going on and on every night for the past 5 months I am feeling the real pinch… so I really gotta do something about it.

Is she eating enough? You see, Ms Samseng decided that she don’t want porridge anymore after our first week in KL last month! Each time I feed her, she will only entertain the first 2 spoonful and will start to use her hands to wave the spoon away. She has a sudden interest with our food and insisted that she wanted to eat rice but I am not sure if she can digest them well. Therefore, I have to sneak in extra food in between.

Milk supply dwindling – I have a feeling I don’t have that much milk anymore so she may not be having enough to fill her… since she don’t eat enough solid during the day. I also found that she has dry skin probably due to lack of liquid intake… which in a way telling me my milk supply is not enough to hydrate her body.

She bites! Yes… she has very sharp teeth that she almost bite off my nipples! She is not your regular obedient baby when she takes her milk… she likes to move about and pulling the nipple along! Ouch! There was once I was in so much pain I was so tempted to throw her off! Her sharp upper incisor actually drilled a hole on my nipple and it bled for a few days!!! *double ouch*

What I did this morning was to add 1 teaspoon of formula into her breakfast cereal. She finished them. I am going to feed her the same thing again tomorrow and see how it goes. If she is doing fine, then I’ll slowly offer her the formula in a bottle/cup and let her drink. Currently she still don’t take much liquid apart from breast milk so it is going to be another up hill battle to train her to drink the formula milk from a bottle or a cup!

Wish me luck will ya? 😐


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0 Responses to No longer an exclusive breastfed baby

  1. rachel says:

    oh..u can make puree soup / puree rice/mallets…

    take it easy. it will take some time for her to adjust since she is new to formula.

  2. sting says:

    all the best ya…

    how about soft rice so she has something to chew on? is she drinking enough water? a nice water bottle / sippy cup might interest her in drinking water… and formula too..

  3. mott says:

    Think u already did quite well… she must be taking enough milk, if she’s not interested in solids.

    yea..let her play/drink some plain water… gee…they just love to get wet!

  4. Leeyen says:

    Wish you all the best! Like Mott says I always let baby play with water when feed her porridge, just to distract her! Sometimes I even let her mess up with gooey porridge too! 😀
    hope the tips can help!

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  6. a-moms-diary says:

    Mine was taking to formula quite well but started to reject formula in recent weeks. Most days, she only takes between 2-3 oz at babysitter. I had initially thought of weaning her off for good but looks like I have to put the plan on hold. By the way, she’s also eating adult food (rice, noodles, etc) now, she also rejected porridge 2-3 months back.

  7. Etceteramommy says:

    Ouchhh on the bite. Poor you. So garang your lil girl. Hard to believe since she has such angelic face.

    Mine is becoming more fussy too. Now he prefers to eat his porridge with soup. So now I feed him porridge+dishes all mixed with soup.

    Good luck.

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