Proving her Samseng-ness

Remembered about the trolley cover I bought a while back? Well, the whole idea of having that trolley cover is because our supermarket trolleys here are super duper filthy hence I always have doubts placing Baby G in them. As I always have to bribe her with food during our shopping sessions, I have to make sure she has clean hands to hold food.

She always has the habit of touching the sides of the trolley and sometimes even lick the handle bar! These bars are not personalized silver bars! Only God knows how many pairs of filthy hands have touched them!

This morning, while we were in Tesco, Samseng Girl showed me her defiant side by doing these…



She started by gripping the left uncovered bar. I pulled her hand away and she showed her dissatisfaction and insisted that she grip on the bar again. So I snapped a photo of her doing that.

Then, after a while she changed hand…



Yes, she decided that she wanted to grip the other uncovered bar too! And this went on a few rounds of changing between the two sides despite me giving her some ‘NO’ signs. She just went ahead doing it! 😐

I have a feeling she did that on purpose because she gave me that look ‘you don’t want me to touch and I’ll touch and let you see!’ *bleah~*

And for heaven sake…. she is only ONE!!!!! Can’t imagine when she turned 21!!!!


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0 Responses to Proving her Samseng-ness

  1. Charmaine says:

    I had to laugh while reading this post. I can imagine the little comedy being played by you and Glenn in the supermarket – she looking at you s innocently and you giving her the ‘no’ sign. Kids they do like to test the boundaries don’t they…

  2. jazzmint says:

    haha wanna test mommy’s patience mah

  3. Etceteramommy says:

    Guess she likes the cooling sensation 🙂

  4. hilywatson says:

    Just wait and watch when she turned to 21…she make you cry with lovely tears.

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