Learning Music with Trebellina & Friends

When Darrius was a baby he loves music. At one point of time when he was about a year old, he was so hooked with one children songs DVD that I found in the drawer that he wanted to watch them over and over again! And now that we have Baby G, we found that she has the same interest too! Looks like both my kids love music! 😀

Initially I have wanted to let Darrius take up piano lessons but we have to put that on hold since we will be migrating next year. PiggyBeng thought we should consider later when we have settled down into our new place before deciding to let him take up any music lessons as the school might include that into their curriculum.

Then I was selected to do a review for Trebellina & Friends by The Cristofori Baby Company through Parent Reviewers. Happiness! When I received the DVD, I put that up immediately for Baby G… and she was transfixed to the screen…




Though she is still so young, the music and the characters (Trebellina, Rock Bassey and Rhytmo) attracted her attention and made her glued to the screen for a good 5 minutes! Since she is still a baby, she still do not have a very long attention span… so 5 minutes is an achievement!

When Darrius heard the music he ran into the room and he got interested immediately too and asked me when did I get this new DVD? Darrius was really keen since he already knew ABC and he can relates to the various instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Violin, Triangle, Wind Chimes and Drums  well as the songs (mostly Nursery Rhymes) being played. Now he learned about other new instruments too such as Maracas, Cabasa, Bongos,Congas and a whole lot more which we’ve never heard of before! Guess what now? He told me he wanted me to get him all the musical instruments! 😀

If you want your kids to learn about music do check out Trebellina and Friends by The Cristofori Baby Company. There are a lot of benefits by learning music and with this DVD, your kids get a head start before going for real music lessons!



Disclosure :

I have received the above product to facilitate my review and I was not compensated in any other forms for this post. All  opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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