Back in Penang

After spending almost 4 weeks in KL, we finally drove back to Penang yesterday. It was good to be home after so many weeks. Darrius was missing his toys so much that he kept pestering me to take him home to Penang. *o*

I was down with the worst food poisoning episode the night before our journey home after having lunch at Saisaki Japanese Restaurant! My tummy was ‘brewing’ the entire night and I can hardly sleep! I finally made myself threw up early in the morning and I was purging non-stop after that. My whole body was so weak and I almost fainted since I skipped dinner the night before and dare not eat in the morning after throwing up. *aarrgghh*

When we got back, there are always 1001 things to do… unpacking, cleaning this and that and change the sheets since we have not slept on them for a whole month! Then PiggyBeng wanted to eat home cooked food so I still have to prepare dinner! I almost fainted after my shower in the evening!

There are still so much to do this morning and I have yet to have time to go find out about the cheap car insurance quotes since one of our car’s insurance is expiring soon. I think I need more time than 24 hours a day!


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0 Responses to Back in Penang

  1. jacss says:

    adoi….so cham 😦
    and u r such a good tai-tai….in such a state u still cook for the huby, i would hv need the hubs to cook for me if im sick like that, hehe
    hope u r well by now, take care ya

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