He only wants to watch Tom & Jerry

When we are in KL, Darrius will have very limited toys and cartoons that he likes to play with and watch. Though this round he has a few sets of new toys, he was so protective over them from his cousin, he rather not play with his own toys! So, he asked to watch cartoon instead.

This time I did not bring along his favorite CDs along so he has to make do with whatever we have here at my parents’ place. As my mom wanted to watch the TV with Astro, he has to watch on the other one which do not have any antennas for tv so there are no live channels. Luckily he remembered that his daddy copied some Tom & Jerry into the thumb drive so he get to watch them now as there is a DVD player connected.

Therefore, it is either we go out or he watches Tom and Jerry!


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  1. Naomi just only get to know Tom and Jerry and she watch it everyday man!

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