Happy 1st Birthday Glennedine!

A year ago on this day, our little princess greeted the world shortly after the clock struck 12.  Gosh! It felt just like yesterday that she came into our life!

In the past 365 days, she has added much joy and laughter into our lives. PiggyBeng dotted on her (that’s why she is turning bratty too!!!!) since she is the baby in the house now. Darrius kor-kor loves her to bits when she don’t snatched away his toys! :mrgreen: And this nutty mommy is counting the days when she can start making bento in that My Melody and Hello Kitty bento boxes! 😀

Since we are in KL, I can’t make that wonderful 0-12 months post because the portable HD PiggyBeng gave me was corrupted! 😦 Will do that when we return to KL.

We had a small celebration 2 weekends ago when we first arrived in KL since PiggyBeng needs to travel on her birthday (tsk..tsk… daddy was not around when she gave her first cry). I did not have the time to bake her a cake but managed to make a special cake topper for the special occasion. I used half of the JJ-Swissroll which I bought in Ipoh on our way to KL…



Nonetheless, I’ll still post one of her latest photo to commemorate this special day she turns ONE!



Happy 1st Birthday to our Little Darling!


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0 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday Glennedine!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!! OH gosh.. can’t wait to see her!! and I am counting down on it.. muahaha..

  2. SY Foo says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Glennedine from gong gong & poh poh.

  3. jacss says:

    happy 1st birthday darling…. she’s such a joy to have i’m sure!!
    cherish yr hello kitty & melody indulgement on my behalf ya…. jeles sei lor, hahaha
    may she stays happy, healthy & good girl 😀

  4. sting says:

    happy birthday Glennedine… lots of hugs and kisses

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