One of the best gifts to date!

Last week was one of the most hectic and yet a memorable week since our arrival in KL on 19th of November… I am totally flatten out by Saturday night when I reached home around 9.30pm but was unable to fall asleep due to all the ‘work out’ the past 3 days! 😀

As most of you knew that I spent quite a lot of time preparing for Darrius’s birthday party the previous week and last week, I attended a 3-day intensive cake decorating course conducted by one of the most experienced cake decorators in the world. It was a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed what I have learned in those 3 days and hopefully I could apply these new skills on my cake creations in the future.

I must really thank PiggyBeng for giving me this opportunity (my early X’mas gift) as he took 2 days of his annual leave so that this wife of his could fulfill her dreams. He drove me to the venue (Cheras to Kota Damansara!!!), took care of the kids, bring Baby G to me during lunch so I could breastfeed her and pick me up when I was done. We spent at least 14 hours away from home for that 3 days! This is the first time I was away from the kids for such long hours… especially since I am still breastfeeding Baby G.

Frankly, I felt so grateful for having him as my hubby (though he can be a TYPICAL MCP sometimes!!!) as he truly supportive of my dreams and passions. I do not have to take any payday advance loans as he paid for the entire course fee + materials!

There are plans to go for the more advanced courses in the next couples of months so I am praying hard that we could compromise on our schedules…. again. 😀


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