Happy 5th Birthday Darrius!

Today, our little boy turns 5 at last! He has been waiting for this day for the longest time! He has also been counting down since he started to learn about dates on the calendar and has been bugging us why November takes so long to arrive???!! 😆

We had an early celebration for him a week ago in his kindy with his classmates and teachers since he has a short school week this week. He had a blast! Will blog about that later since I don’t have all the photos with me now (we are in KL at the moment).

Brought him to Bangsar Village this morning so that he can have fun with Adrian (my nephew) at the KidSport @ BVS. They played more than 3 hours!!!!

Wishing Darrius a Happy 5th Birthday!



This year he requested for Mickey Mouse and the Club House cake for his birthday and that was what he got for the celebration in school! 😀


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0 Responses to Happy 5th Birthday Darrius!

  1. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday, Darrius. That is a lovely cake!

  2. Chew Lee says:

    Happy Birthday, Darrius… what a beautiful cake…. can teach me how to make those figurines??

  3. Kit says:

    Happy 5th birthday, Darrius. I’m sure he LOVED the cake because it looks amazing!!!

  4. sting says:

    happy birthday Darrius! you sure had grown much. lots of kisses and hugs

  5. Eva says:

    5th birthday? OMG I still remember I attended his 1st birthday. Time flies! Happy belated birthday Darrius!

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