Samseng Girl turned 11-month

Well, that was 2 weeks ago!

Has been really busy so can’t really find the time to do her milestone updates. So, before we get busy again, I’ve better do it else she is going to turn 1 in 2 weeks time!!!



One of her greatest milestone is she finally crawled when she was about 10.5 month. Initially she can’t really crawl smoothly. Her right leg always tend to get stuck so she looked as if she is crawling with 3 limbs! After doing that for a week or so, she managed to get it right and started to crawl like a pro!

After mastering the crawl, she started pulling herself up more often and before we knew it, she has started cruising! That means she is everywhere now!

Her upper central incisors sprouted about 2 weeks ago and now her upper and lower lateral incisors are sprouting too. She has two main meals a day which is usually porridge but once in a while she gets pasta or oatmeal with extra ingredients. Still not taking a lot of water even after trying out all the new bottles and sippy cups! Therefore, she is still the boobie vampire! :mrgreen:

Have yet to bring her to check her weight and height so not so sure about them yet. She is eating well so I have no worries that she is not growing. Just that she is smaller in size compared to most babies her age. Maybe because she is an exclusive breastfed baby?

Though she is small but she definitely has a voice of thunder! Oh yeah, she can really scream!!! Each time when we were in the mall, she will scream when she gets bored so I’ll have to stuff her with food to keep her quiet! Sometimes she screamed so loud that I felt like digging a hole and hide my head in there!!!

She is also babbling more now. Just need to be prepared that instead of one chatterbox, I’ll have two soon!:|

Compared to her brother, she is definitely no loser when it comes to fighting for toys! She is one fiery girl even at such young age! If she has an item in her hand, she will never let it go unless she is bored with it. And talking about attention span… she has the shortest! She gets bored easily!!!!Any new toys we got her, she will only play for a few minutes and that was it! The only thing that catches her attention is the labels that sewn together with these toys! She can chew on them for hours!!

When Darrius was at her age, he was more timid and he listened to us but this Samseng Girl… haiyo… the more you say NO, the more she will Do IT! That explained why she is all over the place now as she is such a curious baby that she wants to explore every nooks and corners of the house! She even started climbing the staircase!!!! Darrius did not dare to go near the staircase until he was almost 1+!

She is not afraid of falls or our spankings… oh yea, she has very thick skin! Even when we smack-smack her bum-bum she don’t even give any reactions like crying or pouting instead she will turn around and gave us the cheekiest grin!!!

To sum it up, I have a DAREDEVIL in the house! That’s our Glennedine!

Happy 11+ months old my little darling!!! You are going to be a toddler soon! Oh! How fast you are growing up and both daddy and mommy is going to miss all the baby things about you! Daddy said you are one of the cutest things in his life! šŸ˜€


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0 Responses to Samseng Girl turned 11-month

  1. Charmaine says:

    She is so cute! Looks like she lost some baby fat around her face. Love her cheeky smile. 2nd child seems to be more feisty, my Caitlin is the same. She can argue very well with her 11+ y.o. sis. Sometimes it’s funny whn I listen to their arguments.

  2. Yeapies says:

    Happy 11 months old sweetie!
    I think “cows” tends to have “thicker” skins. Mine is the same and she even beats che-che up!!! šŸ˜›

  3. wow..havent blog hopped for so long only to discover your blog so pretty already. Love your header. And looked how your Glen has grown !! She is sooo different from Darrius!! She looks more like her daddy?

  4. Leeyen says:

    Girls tend to be smaller size I suppose? Ppl thought M is chubby just because she got that chubby cheeks & I always take close up picture of her! ::D btw do you mean Glen has taken over Darrius place in daddy’s heart?

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