Shop for your bathrooms

I am not sure about you but to me I like my house to be in light colors. PiggyBeng has the same preference too and he told me if possible, he will want the entire house to be painted white. I am ok to add a little colors so they have a little contrast to make the place a little livelier.

When it comes to bathrooms, I’ll definitely want them painted white with white tiles as they are much easier to maintain than colored tiles or paints. I’ll probably not want a bath tub since we are not a fan of tubs except for the kids! Cleaning them could be a huge chore you know???!!! However, PiggyBeng said he will definitely install a rain shower just like those he has seen in 5-star hotels!

I have been looking up at some cool shower heads online and came across some from and thought of purchasing a few for our future house since they are having sale at the moment. There are endless choice at better bathrooms and I am having headache just browsing and choosing!

If you are doing up your house, especially your bathrooms, don’t forget to check out this cool site! They have just about everything you’ll ever need to make your bathrooms the perfect place to rejuvenate after a long tired day!


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