Long weekend ahead!

Tomorrow is Friday and since it is a public holiday means we’ll have a long weekend! Woooohooo! Though everyday is the same to me (since I don’t ahve any holidays!!!!) it is good that PiggyBeng will be home. At least I have an extra pairs of hands and eyes to help with the kids.

We don’t have any plans to go any where as we will be busy preparing for Darrius’s kindy concert and his birthday party in the kindy next week. Yeah, will do an early celebration for him since his actual birthday falls on a Sunday and during the school holiday.

I have to finish up his costume for his concert. I have most of the materials now and just need to sew them together. I have been looking for those classic toy guns to go with his costume but can’t seems to find any. *sigh*

Then I have been hunting for ideas for his birthday goody bags too. I am not going to give his classmates all those junk stuff but rather healthier stuff. Not going to give any lollipops too. I thought of giving chocolate in a form of coins which looked like those real gold coins but can’t seems to find them either! When I don’t need them they always in front of me!!!!

GUess that’s how our weekend will be… all for the kids!


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  1. Yeapies says:

    you can find those choc at the “tit bits” wholesaler in d “old market” near Prangin Mall. There’s a row of old shop lots there. Or you can also get it from Chee Seng Bros along Jln Dato Keramat… near to Gama stretch.

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