Samseng Girl is 10 month 1 Week

Another back dated post!

Geeze… the Lil’ Samseng Girl turned 10-month old 10 days ago and only now I have the time to blog about it! Lousy mama!! πŸ˜› So, some quick updates on the Little Samseng Girl…



During the past 1.5 months, we saw rapid growth in our little fiery girl. Lots of development and she progress so fast that sometimes I did not even notice! Shortly after her 9th month milestone, she managed to prop herself up into sitting position from lying face down or in combat crawl position. She also started crawling on all 4 just about a week or two before she turned 10-month old.

Now she can even pull herself up and started cruising! She can crawl very fast now and has been wrecking havoc on things on the floor that comes into contact with her! It is madness to make the house child-safe as there are just too many ‘sampah’ lying around. Not to mention kor-kor’s toys are always strew all over the house!

This girl is one hard headed mule. She definitely won’t take ‘NO’ as an answer! The more you tell her don’t do it the more she will go ahead and do it! Ggggrrr! She is not afraid of anyone in the house! So, very likely Mr. Rotan will have a new friend soon! πŸ˜€

We have not brought her to the clinic to get her weight and height checked so still clueless on how heavy and tall she is. Many people commented that she is quite a small size baby but what the hack as long as she is active and eating well!!!??

Miss Samseng has very good appetite. Apart from mama’s milk she can gobble down anything we offered to her. She gets a small bowl of cereal/bread in the morning, porridge for lunch and dinner and some fruits for snack. She don’t take a lot of water yet but is improving there so she will have mama’s milk as her main source of water supply. She takes her milk every hourly during the night… that explained those panda eyes spotted on mommy!

Soon we will have to call her Miss Chi-chi Cha-cha coz this girl just love to talk! She is our little chatterbox besides her ever so noisy kor-kor! Both daddy and mommy have to get a new set of ear plugs soon! She started to call me mama then moved on to nanana for banana and she can call her daddy too! Yeah… PiggyBeng was on cloud 9 for a while! πŸ˜† Her favorite phrase is still dah-dah-dah meaning ‘whack you’! πŸ˜†

Another thing is, never try to take food she is holding… else she will stare at you and very like you’ll get screamed at! She is very protective of food in her hands! hehehee

The past week she has been extremely cranky and to my surprise, I spotted her 2 upper incisors sprouting! Finally her top 2 front teeth is coming before she turns 1! Woohoo!

Guess, that’s all I can remember… can’t wait for her to turn 1 in less than 2 months time!!!!


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0 Responses to Samseng Girl is 10 month 1 Week

  1. Charmaine says:

    Has Mummy started planning her big 1 y.o. party?

  2. Mamapumpkin says:

    Why does your samseng girl look a bit matsalleh ah? Have you been naughty? does Piggy Beng know this? does he suspect anything?

  3. Paik Ling says:

    Happy 10mths baby G! Hopefully aunty PL c an see you in Dec πŸ™‚

  4. jacss says:

    happy 10 months sweetie, such a darling…but then u made yr mama feed u every hourly at night, such a notty at the sametime huh??
    i can’t wait for mine to achieve the same milestones, must be super cute πŸ˜€

  5. leeyen says:

    do you always threaten to whack her?lol! she’s super duper cute!

  6. leona says:

    baby G reminds me so much of Ally too… esp the part of not heeding “NO”.
    This kids now…very daring… the more our faces turn red saying NO to them… the more they find the kick of making us frustrated.
    I oso dun know when I shud use Mr rotan… would it be child abuse ah rotaning a one year old child…????

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