9 Emperors – Vegetarian treats

If you are a Hokkien, probably you’ll know about the current festival. Yes, the 9 Emperors Festival just started a few days ago. The celebration begins on the 1st day of the 9th Lunar month where most Hokkiens will go on a 10 days vegetarian feat 10 days prior to the 9th day. The entire Penang is filled with stall after stall of vegetarian fare offering people varieties of goodies. This festival is among the biggest on the island.

Yesterday, PiggyBeng’s eldest aunt invited us to her place for the yearly vegetarian fare which includes many yummy vegetarian dishes…



Eldest aunt cooked so much that most of us stuffed ourselves silly the whole afternoon eating bowl after bowl of vegetarian goodies! Tell me how to lose weight lar??? How nice if my body can perform thermogenesis on its own!!! Then I can continue to eat without any fear! 😆


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