Funny Conversation – Speak Mandarin

Next week Darrius will start his 2nd term exam which will last 6 days. Bahasa Malaysia will takes the lead on Monday, then with English on Tuesday followed by Mandarin on Wednesday. Then there will be Mathematics, Science and Moral Studies. Well, that was a whole lot of stuff for a 4 years old!

Darrius was the least stressed up compared to me!! I just hope he will do better this time compared to his first term. He still asked to play the PC this weekend but I told PiggyBeng to make him do revision instead. So far PiggyBeng has been revising Mandarin with him and so far so good. According to PiggyBeng, Darrius has very good memory. Hmm… we hope he understood the structure of the Chinese characters rather than just having good memory of the words!

A few nights ago, before we switch off the light for bed, Darrius told me he wanted to eat Mandarin Orange. Feeling strange he has such a request I asked him further…

Me : Why you want to eat Mandarin Orange?

Darrius : So that I can speak Mandarin!

Me & PiggyBeng : Whahahahahahhahahahaa 😆


Kids… they are filled with such fun imagination aren’t they??? 😀


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0 Responses to Funny Conversation – Speak Mandarin

  1. mumsgather says:

    Wow! So many tests for a 4 year old. I would like to have some mandarin oranges too.

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Like that, I have to eat 10 mandarin oranges everyday!!! wakakakaka

  3. allisia says:

    why he got such idea?

  4. Leeyen says:

    Wakakaka! I don’t have to eat any then 😀

  5. Leeyen says:

    Instead! I need to drink lots of English tea! Muahaha!

  6. jazzmint says:

    hahaha…kids are kids :0

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