Strained my back!

I have been having backache for the past 1 week but did not think too much about it thinking it is very common since I am sleep deprive and have to carry Baby G all the time. I also have to carry Darrius down the stairs each morning as he wanted to be manja…

Then this morning after I put Baby G to nap and thought of cooking her porridge, disaster happened! Out of a sudden when I turned my body after washing my hands I heard a ‘snap’ sound and I can’t turn my body left or right and bend down at all! I quickly look for the phone to call PiggyBeng. Then realized I can’t even sit down!!!! *sweat*

After telling PiggyBeng he thought I should go to the hospital ASAP to find out what was wrong. He came back and helped me go fetch Darrius before we go to the hospital together.

After my consultation with the orthopedic, he explained that this is a very common problem. It is a generation kind of thing where many people will go through. It is the nerves around the spine that have frictions or something which caused the sudden snap. Luckily it was not slip disc!

So, he told me he will prescribe some medication for me and instructed that I get some physiotherapy done.

We are not sure if PiggyBeng company’s insurance covers this part of it or not and I think it was too late to get any online insurance quotes. Hopefully they do cover so we don’t have to foot the charges from our own pockets. Don’t even know how many sessions I need to go. Will start my 1st session tomorrow. Hopefully one session is enough as I hate to go for such thing!

Now, my worries are… how am I going to carry Baby G up and down tomorrow and how to get Darrius ready for school???!!! Can I drive???? Aiyoh!!!!


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0 Responses to Strained my back!

  1. Charmaine says:

    Hope your back recovers soon. Back pain is always difficult and can be slow to recover. Take care.

  2. Yepies says:

    Your mil drives right? Can ask her to help transport Darrius for time being? Better still if she could stay with you for time being to help up until you recovers. This is no joke one if you want to recover fast.

  3. Leeyen says:

    It sounds serious! You really shouldn’t carry Darrius downstairs anymore! Maybe piggybeng can take few days off to take care of both kids?
    Hope you recover soon and take good rest!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yeah, I told him no more carrying down the stairs!
      I think this back pain thing will be a long term thing… *sob*

  4. sting says:

    oh dear… hope you recover real soon ya… can someone else help you with the kids? From what I heard, it takes while to heal and you have to be really careful about not hurting it again now… pls take good care of yourself…

    • Angeleyes says:

      Thanks sting! Well, life goes on… there are meals to be cooked, laundry to be washed
      and there will be no one to help me except when my hubby is home.

  5. Paik Ling says:

    How are you feeling now, dear? GOtta take care yah.

  6. a-moms-diary says:

    Oh dear! Hope the physiotherapy helps – back problem is really troublesome, and can easily recur if not careful.

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