Burger King on Penang’s shore

Wooooot!!! Burger King is finally here at last! Waited for them to come for almost 6 years! Well, that was how long I’ve moved here mah! 😛

Actually I did not get any ‘wind’ that they will be opening here at all until a few nights ago, a bento mommy blogged about her trip to the newly opened restaurant. Well, I could hardly believe it at first but after googled and found they indeed opened a new outlet here! Woohoo!!!

Without any hesitation, we went the next day to check the place out…


The location is rather ‘weird’ as this place is kind of ‘out of the way’ to many of us. It is located on a roll of new shops facing the seafront next to the Jelutong Highway called The Promenade. It is just next to these new 3-storey link houses project called the Nautilus Bay. BK is the only shop (they took 2 of the ground floor units) operating at the moment as the other tenants are still not operational yet.

We arrived shortly after 5pm so the place is still quite ok. We managed to park right in front and we can still choose our table since not many diners. There were only 2 counters opened so ordering was quite slow… since the staff are still ‘newbies’ so not going to complain on that.

I ordered a Whopper Meal and PiggyBeng had the Double Whopper Meal. Since we have one of their leaflet, we got a F.O.C Jr. Whopper which was just nice for Darrius! 😀 So happened when my turned came, they were out of fries so they offered me the onion rings instead… Yah! Else I’ll have to top up another 50 sen to get that. 😛



Though I knew BK’s burgers have shrunk quite a bit but they are still way better than McD! That one, not only shrunk, their burger patties tasted like tree bark! 😛

I must say the amount of beef PiggyBeng had that evening was more potent than any best male enhancement! *chuckled* We were lucky to arrived early as the dinner crowd came shortly after we tucked into our meal. The queues were long even at the Alfresco dinning outside the restaurant.

Now, with BK on the island, at least we have an alternative when we wanted to have some burgers. We are quite tired of Chili’s burgers since we have been eating them almost every other month.

After our meal, we walked to the opposite of the road to check out the stretch of new walkway over looking the Mainland and Penang Bridge…



Well… the day would not be complete without some cam-whoring of the Lil’ Samseng Girl and the Lil’ Monkey Boy…



Darrius was having loads of fun playing with his bottle of bubbles while Baby G was a little pouty with the new environment… 😛


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0 Responses to Burger King on Penang’s shore

  1. Yeapies says:

    Wah, u reli die hard burger fan eh?!
    We went for d onion rings but was told sold out after queuing for 10mins. Bummer!

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Sorry to sound like a snobbish KL-ite, but YOU DON’T HAVE BK in PENANG???? Oh wait till you try Carls’ Jr, you won’t go near BK ever again.

    • Angeleyes says:

      YES!!!! NO BK until last week! So sad hor????
      Carl’s Jr so so only lor… when there were here some 20 years ago
      their burgers were much better!

      • redevilye says:

        haha…burger king is just normal… u should try brothers burger in philipines… they are the best and the cheapest burger cost about rm 20/=

        cheers guys… if have chance u must try brothers burger

  3. I like Burger King too! My fav is Mushroom Swiss. The onion rings is a must eat snack man!

  4. a-moms-diary says:

    Have your tried Wendy’s? BK used to be my fave burger joint until I discovered Wendy’s!!! Their fried chicken is awesome too – crisp on the outside and juice on the inside. Never tried Carl’s Jr though, but it’s not in the same league as BK or Wendy’s, price wise.

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