Stomach rumbling @ 4am

I went out with some mamas yesterday afternoon and we had early dinner (for me lar! since I did not eat after that!) together @ PapaRich. I tried their dried curry noodles. Not too bad but will be better if it spicier. 😛 Don’t know why I have been craving for spicy food of late. My mind just kept telling me to eat curry, curry, curry all the time! Crazy huh?

Just now, Darrius was having difficulties breathing as his has blocked nose so that woke me up and I can’t go back to sleep. Bummer! Was tossing around for close to 2 hours I guessed and right after I fed Baby G I decided to come done to eat as my tummy was rumbling! So wanted to cook curry noodles but thought that was a little crazy at 4 am in the morning so ate 2 slices of bread instead.

I tried not to eat too much spicy food too often though I am craving for it so badly. Kind of worried if eating too much too often will be bad for health. Since this country do not recognize Accutane lawsuit, I better not get myself sick with any irritable bowel disease (IBL) or other similar sickness.


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0 Responses to Stomach rumbling @ 4am

  1. Charmaine says:

    Hmmm…craving for spicy food.. do u hv some news to share? 🙂 I was also always craving for spicy food with my 1st daughter.

  2. Yeapies says:

    ahem! me too.. I craved for EXTREME spicy food when I was preg with Zoey…. baby rabbit otw???……. 😛

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