Another Blessing in disguise

Not sure how many of you read about the recent ‘rules’ the Singapore Government set out to all their Permanent Residents who wanted to continue their residency? The news sure caught many by surprise. According to my Singaporean friend, some got very angry when they heard the news. Imagine you brought your entire family over, make some money and leave after a couples of years but now they force you to make the most difficult decision in your life… to stay for good or leave!

The Singapore’s Senior Minister announced that all PRs who refused to take up citizenship when offered  will have their PR revoked. Geez… I can’t imagine they have to use this method!

What actually caused the government to take this drastic step? Singaporeans has been lamenting/complaining about too many FTs (foreign talents) snatching jobs from the locals. The little island is reportedly ‘over crowded’ with FTs. FTs don’t mind having lower salary (and filling up jobs that Singaporeans refused to take up) and thus making those highly qualified (in terms of academic) left with no well paying jobs yadda… yadda. Birth rates are falling and many social problems are cropping up too (those Lil’ dragon girls also FTs what!). 😛

Now, by forcing these PRs to make such a decision… will it works?

Both PiggyBeng and myself are extremely relieved that we have given up our Singapore PR. Though I love Singapore with all my heart, I am not prepared to forgo my Malaysian citizenship… thought I am not the patriotic type! I mean how much a 60×40 sq miles land (just an approx) can offer in the long run??

I really pity some of my Malaysian friends who are still stuck there with HDB mortgage to serve and a family to feed. My guess are, they are at a crossroad now.They can’t just give up their jobs and return to Malaysia with their families as most of them have firmly rooted there for years. Previously they have the best of both worlds – they can buy houses in Malaysia without having to pay extras as well as buying a HDB in Singapore.

So, Que Sera, Sera?


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0 Responses to Another Blessing in disguise

  1. Leeyen says:

    Oh dear! I didn’t know that at all! Must check with my brother who already converted to their citizenship! Anyway, not everyone will get the offer right?

  2. Chew Lee says:

    I didnt know about this too.. My brother just bought a HDB unit… I dont think he should convert to become a Singaporean, even though he has plan to, and now I wonder what is his decision..

  3. Hmm..why not just give up and stay in singapore? i wouldn’t mind if i am a PR holder there. Malaysia is so near…can always come back and visit 🙂

  4. KittyCat says:

    Wow, that’s quite a drastic move for Singapore! I wonder how all the ang moh will react to this…

  5. Actually, I applaud the Spore Govt for taking this step. It’s only fair and they are looking after the best interest of their citizens. My 2 cents nia.

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