A quiet Mid Autumn in Penang

The moon cakes manufacturers started churning out moon cakes like 2.5 months ago and we bought ours a month ago. Even before Mid Autumn Festival, which was last night, we already finished 3 boxes with the huge chunk eaten by you know who! 😛 The sale of moon cakes were rather brisk here in Penang with many standard brands as well as by local restaurants.

With the thought that Penang is indeed a very Chinese place (there are so many Chinese festivals here and they normally do it in a mega way) there should be a grand celebration but I was totally wrong!!! We saw a blog post mentioning that there will be a lanterns festival in the Esplanade last night so we actually drove there! To our horror (yes, no other words can describe!) there were not even a soul at that place! It was as quiet as the cemetery!! It was soaked in total darkness! Though the rain has stopped and it was not even 8pm which the ‘event’ supposed to start.

In disbelief, we drove further to Campbell Street and was greeted with the same scene… so we drove on to Burmah Road. There was some traffics so we decided we should not get ourselves caught there since it is a week night. We then drove to PiggyBeng’s grandma’s place and there was nothing going on there too so what else? Drove home lor! can’t believe that no kids actually brought their lanterns around the neighborhood!!! Is the tradition/spirit  dying here??? So, people only buy moon cakes and eat moon cakes and that’s it?

How to explain to a little boy that there were no one interested in playing the lantern except him?? Darrius was so eager and he brought along a few of his lanterns out!

And so, we let him live the tradition before he don’t get to experience it again as this might be the final year we are in Malaysia to celebrate Mid Autumn…



We let him walk about behind our house with his favorite lanterns. The swordfish lantern was given by this mommy which her dad made. Very nice hor? Baby G also has one which is in the shape of a geese. The Pooh Bear was store bought which has loud music and was super annoying!!!!

I called my parents later in the night and was told that their neighborhood was very ‘happening’ with their neighbors lighting candles and many lanterns  around the house and kids were walking about.

Another disappointment was, the moon went hiding! *sob*


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0 Responses to A quiet Mid Autumn in Penang

  1. Leeyen says:

    Alice! What u meant it might be the last celebration in malaysia?!? Are you migrating to other country! Where?! So sudden keh?!

  2. Paik Ling says:

    How can Penang lose out to PJ? We had a very nice celebration with the kids walking around the neighbourhood with some other kids. Rain cleared up so the moon was round and clear. Sorry ah, have to frus you abit 🙂

  3. KittyCat says:

    I’m surprised to hear about this too! Last year, it was really happening at our apartment block as well and I hear of gatherings and other mooncake parties around the island. Nothing reported in the newspaper?

    Darrius sure looks happy! One thing’s for sure – no matter where the Mummy goes, I’m sure she’ll carry out the Chinese traditions 😉

  4. jazzmint says:

    wow the sword fish lantern vy nice leh..

  5. a-moms-diary says:

    Last lantern festival in Malayia? Migrating?

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