Ferocious bites

Two nights ago, while I was boobing little Samseng Girl in front of the PC, she was bitten by some meanie ferocious mozzie which gave her these…



I noticed right away when I held her up after she was done and I was baffled! It was just a short while and she got bitten to this extend. I really wonder if that was the work of the mozzie or something else???!!

Initially they were just a few red dots but it got bigger by the hour. Even after applying some mozzie cream, it does not helped much and they got so swollen the next day. No wonder she was cranky the whole night!

Then yesterday morning she was spotted with slight fever which I suspected was the work of her body trying to fight with the ‘poison’ that came from these bites. She was refusing food which was something so unusual of late!!!

Luckily her fever soon subsided and she regained her appetite. If her condition got worsen, I’ll probably lose appetite too and lose weight faster than taking phentermine! Thank God it was not that lethal as I’ve thought which was a great relief to us… almost wanted to bring her to the pead office immediately when I spotted her temperature rising!


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0 Responses to Ferocious bites

  1. oh no..poor baby. those darn pesky mozzies are irritating. they just love biting kids. luckily glenn is ok now. the red patches would surely take a few days to disappear.

  2. jacss says:

    wow…that seriously look scary but luckily nothing harmful after that !!
    hey be careful of denggi ler
    hate those mozzies

  3. Yeapies says:

    Oh dear… Heard that those rove beetle (duno if spelled correctly or not) are back in our area. Better becareful. Try applying some b-milk on d spots. Heard it helps.

  4. whoisbaby says:

    wow … looks so scary. wish her a fast recovery. almost everytime we were in KL, brandon will be bitten by one of those ferocious mozzies. the ‘site’ will linger around for days before going away.

  5. Cynthia says:

    OUCH! Pooooor girl! Thank goodness the fever subsided. I would have freaked too! I was going to suggest always having some anti histamine around but remembered that there is no AH for babies under 2.

  6. michelle says:

    Get her some cream. It could be allergic reaction from the mossie bite. My gal used to get swollen too when mossie bite her. It just delicate skin.

  7. KittyCat says:

    OMG, the bites look scary! Luckily, the fever subsided – I would have rushed to the hospital already. I don’t take any chances nowadays with so many weird illnesses around 😛

  8. leeyen says:

    Baby G must have very delicate skin! i thought she was allergic to food!

  9. Aiyo, poor baby. I remembered how upset I was years ago because Mei Mei were allergic to such bites. Hope Glen is ok now.

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