The Baby who likes Raw Celery

Not sure how true it is that if you eat a varieties of vegetables during your pregnancies, chances are your kids will grow to love these vegetable too. For both my pregnancies, I never failed to load myself with vegetables everyday. It is good for digestion as well as keeping constipation at bay.

Darrius eats his green without much complains since young. And now, Baby G has follow suit…



So, besides all the dry stuff (rice crackers, Cheerios, bread sticks), now I can offer the little Samseng girl an alternative. She has been munching on these raw celery sticks the past week and she is loving it! She even get frustrated when she can’t get the tiny piece that stuck in her grip! 😆


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0 Responses to The Baby who likes Raw Celery

  1. Paik Ling says:

    That’s really a great habit to have. Btw, are you worried that she may bite off a big chunk which may pose to be a choking hazard?

  2. Nomadicmom says:

    Wow! Very good! Even I don’t like celery. I only like the other kind of ‘salary’!

  3. jen cheung says:

    interesting – maybe when I’m preggie I should eat more veggies too eh???

    have a lovely day
    jen @

  4. leona says:

    Baby G is so adorable nibbling on that celery stick! Very good habit to start so young…

  5. Mamapumpkin says:

    She won’t choke? My girl has a bad habit now of stuffing all her food in her mouth!

  6. KittyCat says:

    Hey, thanks for this! I tried it on her and she kinda took to it after a while.

    But I had to watch her carefully because she bit off big chunks and I had to remove them from her mouth each time.

    Don’t you need to do that for Glennie too?

  7. a-moms-diary says:

    How does Baby G munch on the celery? She probably doesn’t have her molars yet right?

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