Sharks in Penang

Yesterday we did not go out the entire day until late evening. Well, in a way we Thanked God we stayed home! Have we decided to go to Mainland probably we would be stuck in one of the worst traffic jams ever on Penang bridge!

Since we were at home the whole time, I felt sorry for the kids so I told PiggyBeng to go out and let the kids breath in some fresh air. We brought them to Esplanade since Darrius wanted to play his lanterns. Also, we thought of checking out what the government of Penang has prepared for Mid Autumn Festival… which unfortunately – NOTHING yet! The only program they have is on the actual day which is on the 22nd of September.

So, we took a stroll along the pavement by the seaside. Then Darrius exclaimed:


Darrius : ‘WOW! The sea is so deep mommy! Is there a hammerhead shark in the sea here?’

Me : Boy, there is no sharks here.

Darrius: How come no sharks here??

Me : The sea here is not deep enough so sharks can’t survive here (trying to bluff him)

PiggyBeng : Who said there’s no sharks here? Penang has LOAN SHARKS! In fact Malaysia has lots of LOAN SHARKS!

Darrius : What LOAN SHARKS?



Now, who says we don’t have sharks here????? πŸ˜†


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0 Responses to Sharks in Penang

  1. muahahahahhahhaahahhhhhaha..this is funny. Did Darrius keep asking what are loan sharks?

  2. Leeyen says:

    Your hubby is so funny! Hahaha! Next time Darrius will ask if there’s loanshark in the penang sea!

  3. Chew Lee says:

    hahahaha.. your beng beng is so humurous…

  4. Jen Cheung says:

    LOL your hubby is so funny. what did you end up telling your son what is loan shark??? LOL


  5. whoisbaby says:

    ya … what are loan sharks?? hehehe … got explain to him ah? (just saw ur reply about it above)

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