Moon Cakes & Lanterns Galore

Yesterday we went to the city to buy some really traditional moon cakes from the traditional shop along Campbell Street which we have never tried before. These are the Non-Halal version where pork oil are still being used to made them. They are really fragrant! It never occurred to us to get these until a relative recommended to us as all along we will buy the popular brands like Tai Thong, Overseas or Kam Lun Thai from the shopping malls. Most moon cakes manufacturers are heading to producing more Halal moon cakes so they can capture more market shares.

The first shop we stopped by is Tho Yuen…




After we made our purchases, we walked to the other side to Tai Thong which is a dim sum restaurant. They are in the moon cake business during this season and they are also offering a huge varieties of moon cakes…



The industry has gone fusion as I even spotted a tiramisu and mocha coffee flavor amongst them!

Besides the moon cakes, another thing that attracted my attention are the lovely lanterns…




And a very beautifully made lantern in the shape of a dragon…



These lanterns made me reminiscent about yesteryears when I was still a kid. Choosing a lantern is as precious as buy gold coins. As whatever we have chosen will be that one and only lantern we can have for the whole festival and if it survived (as mostly are using candles to light up in those days) we will use them the following years too since they don’t come in cheap. Normally we will choose the simple designs like birds, butterflies or fish as they are cheaper.

Though we are happy with our loots of moon cakes but we got a ‘FINE’ for parking on a double yellow line which sort of dampen our spirit… So, yesterday’s box of moon cakes was one of the most expensive ones to date!


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0 Responses to Moon Cakes & Lanterns Galore

  1. Oh i did not know traditional mooncake is using pork oil. Hmmm….but i still like the lotus paste mooncake with lotsa kuaci in it.

    I feel like eating eat now…

  2. jen cheung says:

    woahhhhhhhhh! now im craving for some moon cake lor… i have some upstairs – gotta wait for a bit till i eat them. heheeheh

  3. raymond says:

    Is this shop in campbell penang or campbell KL.
    Do you have the address?

    Thank you


    • Angeleyes says:

      This one is in Penang.

      You just drive straight along Campbell Street
      and after the 1st cross junction, you can see the shop
      which is the 2nd unit from the cross junction on your left.

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