Baby G is 9-month and 1 day

Gosh! Can’t believe how time passes! The little samseng girl is already 9-month and a day old! Missed the date yesterday as I can’t do much online since she was sticking to me like a leach! Refused to sit and play on her own. When she finally napped, I have to rush to cook. All because we went out groceries shopping till quite late in the morning.



So, in the last one month what has the samseng girl achieved? Pretty much I would say! She has started combat crawling and at quite a fast pace too! Sometimes if I ignored her cries when she woke up (through the baby monitor) I will be bound for a surprise when I go peep at her 5 minutes later. She will either at the end of the bed (almost jumping onto Darrius’s bed) or busy playing with the aircon’s remote. Normally I will make a ‘barricade’ by using our pillows and bolsters but this gutsy girl will find a way to climb over! This morning for example… she woke up around 6.45am but I only went up around 6.50am and she was already at the edge of the bed almost sliding down to Darrius’s bed! All these happened when the room was still very dark!

Another milestone which I must note down is her ability to make sounds using empty bottles! I was extremely shocked when I saw her using the Vitagen bottle (I threw a few empty ones into her playpen for her to play) and make sounds out of it! She actually doing the ‘wee-wee-waa-waa’ amusing herself playing some ‘music’! I do hope she is musically inclined in the future! Another thing is, she knew how to use her tongue to make the ‘chet-chet’ sound as well.

She is also talking more now though most words are still gibberish. However, sometimes I did managed to catch a few clear words like ‘star’ (her favorite nursery rhymes is Twinkle-twinkle Little Star) or ‘dah-di’. There is this particular word ‘arn-neh, arn-neh, arn-neh’ which she likes to utter when she is angry/sleepy or when she needed the boobs.

She can understand a few words such as daddy, mommy and kor-kor. When I asked her ‘where is daddy, mommy, kor-kor and Glennedine?‘ she will look up at our family portrait and break into a smile. She knew when is her meal time when I mentioned ‘muum-muum’ and she will kick her feet in excitement. Another word is ‘lets send kor-kor to school’ which I told her every morning. She just loves to go to school! πŸ˜† Of course not forgetting the golden word ‘kai-kai’!

At 9-month, she is still an exclusively breast-fed baby though she is eating more solid food. She has breakfast (cereal), lunch (porridge) and dinner (porridge) with some Cheerios, bread and fruits for snacks. Her favourite is pitaya, kiwi, banana and grapes. Actually, she eats about anything I fed her! Not a very choosy/fussy baby!! (oh yeah, I am feeling so blessed!!!!) She is ever so excited when it is her meal time. If I am just a little slow, she will scream and rock the high chair!

Then after this incident, I decided it was the time to potty train her else I don’t know how many time I’ll have to see her surrounded by floating poops!



So far it has not been very successful as she refused to sit on the potty for too long. She will get restless after a minute and will start to rock the potty left and right! After more than a week, I only managed to have 2 successful attempts. The rest – pancakes on the diapers! πŸ˜›

About 2 weeks back, I started her on the pacifier. It was also another failure as she refused to suck on it but rather play with it! The latest was she will get all ‘geram’ biting it and make a fierce pull resulting the ‘pop’ sound! What a bull she is!

About a few days back, she already showing signs of rebellion…



She has been refusing to be put in the activity centre and the playpen. She will normally arched her back and crossed up her feet when we tried to put her in in either one of the mentioned above. Darrius was never like that when he was Baby G’s age! Darrius was so in love with the activity centre back then!

Another milestone is she finally know how to wave goodbye but always do it after the actual goodbye took place! πŸ˜† She also knew how to raised up both her hands when we reached out our hands for her.

Her favorite time is still her bath time where she can spent up to 20 minutes of play time in the tub.



She is still taking 2 naps a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes she will take a short one in the evening while waiting for daddy to finished up his con-call which was usually in our room.

Overall, she has showed signs of bravery as compared to her kor-kor whom used to be really timid at the same age. She can scream just as loud when she felt bored or annoyed.

She wanted to stand on her feet too when ever we tried lifting her up. Looks like she can walk earlier… which is something we are not so looking forward to! πŸ˜† We love her to stay at this phase for a little while longer so we can have less heart attacks!

Aside from all the above, she is one baby that don’t sleep much during the night! She is sensitive to noise and her surrounding! She can feel my absence immediately and will start to cry loudly. That is why this mommy has to blog lesser now! πŸ˜›

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0 Responses to Baby G is 9-month and 1 day

  1. KittyCat says:

    She’s looking really rosy and sweet! Been so busy I haven’t got time to post updates πŸ˜› Hope to do it soon or we’ll be moving straight to 1 year old LOL

  2. chinnee says:

    she is such a beautiful baby πŸ™‚

  3. PlatinumGirl says:

    Aww .. your girl is just so cute and might i say, so very photogenic lehhh …

    though you blogged lesser nowadays, at least you blog .. as for me, i am just so lazy .. bwaahaha

  4. Chew Lee says:

    Baby G is such a cutie.. yes, golden words – kai kai.. my boy would immediately bring his shoes for us and points to the door…

  5. ShannonC. says:

    happy 9 months little one…
    auntie shannon also cannot follow up liao!
    she look such a big girl!!!!!

    p/s: mommie aaaa, bath time also u put clip on the head ar???

  6. Paik Ling says:

    She is really soooooooo cute!!!! I really want to bite her fleshy thigh hahahha

  7. a-moms-diary says:

    Hmm…the arching her back when being put into the playpen sounds sooo familiar. My little one used to be a really easy baby during feeding times but recently she seems to be rejecting her porridge but wants noodles/rice instead.

    • Angeleyes says:

      At least she wants to eat something so you should not be complaining.
      If she rejects food altogether lagi jialat.

      I just hope my little gluttony won’t reject food!!

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