Digging out the old stuff

I often wonder if I actually put on weight or did I lose some??? During my last trip back to my parents’ place, I lugged a big box of old photos which I took when I was living in Singapore and Australia. Funnily, in some I looked really slim and in most I looked so fat and chubby! Gosh! Is the camera playing a trick on me or what?

The more recent ones are those when I was in Australia. I looked really chubby in most of the photos. Must be the good food my aunt was feeding back then. And of course the free flow of potato chips I had every day in uni! 😛 What to do, decent meals cost at least AUD8/plate so I have to rely on something that cost less and filling!

Besides the photos, I also brought back some old clothing. I have so many sets of power suits! Looked like I can’t seems to fit some of those which are more curvy ones (so does that means I am fat now?) but can still wear those that don’t have much cuttings. Some still looked so nice and new and I am sad if I have to throw them away. They are all so expensive!!!

Apart from the photos and power suits, I have a bag of mix and match stuff as well as some delicate clothing as well. Among them I found the G-string I bought at Fremantle out of impulse…. and it is so small that it only can fit Baby G now! I wonder why I did not buy any plus size lingerie back then knowing I will sure to blow up once I have kids??!!

Now, I am thinking of setting up an online store to sell away some of those stuff which are still in good condition but not sure if there will be anyone wanted to buy 2nd hand stuff that aged a decade old??!!


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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  1. Jen Cheung says:

    it has to be the cameraaaa ehhh???? hahaha probably the angel la. i get that sometimes too.

    have a fabulous day!!!
    jen @ http://www.charmoflife.ca

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