Should you fight back when being robbed?

I am sure you have read about the story of a teacher who has been stabbed on the overhead bridge recently? Apparently she was being robbed and the bugger  stabbed her before running away and the poor lady succumbed to her injury even when passerby went to her aid after the attack.

It was such a pity she has to die this way. What is more disheartening, she was a breast cancer survivor and just when she overcame the illness, her life was brutally taken away.

According to the news report, she struggled with the snatch thief as she wanted to protect her handbag. Unknowingly, the stupid bugger has a knife which he stabbed her with when he can’t get what he wanted before running away.

The poor teacher should have let that idiot take her bag… rather than risk her life really…

From this incident and other snatch thieves stories, I guess we should all get ourselves a rfid blocking wallet so that we don’t have to worry when someone tried to snatch our bags. We should never fight back when we are faced with these kinds of situations as we will never know what our attackers are capable of. Money gone can be earned back but life gone means we are gone forever.


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