Baby G loves it!


That was the expression Baby G gave us when she bites on the King of Fruit yesterday….



Initially I was quite hesitant to let her eat as the weather has been extremely warm of late. Wonder where are the rain clouds????!!! Since she don’t drink any water except breast milk, I worried that she might fall sick.

However, that little glutton kept staring at us while both PiggyBeng and myself was licking these milky fruit. After a few seconds she started to rock her high chair indicating that she wanted to have them too!!

Then I thought, maybe just one bite won’t be that harmful so there she goes! She don’t just have one but many more bites after that! She even smiled so sweetly at her daddy! These moments are more precious that gold coins I tell you!

Too bad, PiggyBeng is not a very good photographer when it comes to sizing the perfect moment! The above was the only shoot that is clear! Arrggh!

Now, this scene reminded me of one that we took of Darrius many years back…


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0 Responses to Baby G loves it!

  1. Yeapies says:

    Baby Jo also loves it. She can finished 1~2 pcs on her own. I think she could take more if we din stop her. 😛

  2. a-moms-diary says:

    Both my girls lurve it too 🙂

  3. jacss says:

    omy…she had durian, haha bet the expression must be super cute!!
    dare not feed mine yet…..maybe soon too 😀
    better feed her more water k 😀
    btw, i like her fine hair ler…..grown very balance, how come mine like here thicker & there botak geh, grrrrr

    • Angeleyes says:

      I have a wai sek mui! Apa pun masuk!
      Aiya, your bao bei is going through the hair shedding stage mah sure
      like that one… once he is around 6 or 7 months old the hair will grow
      back like normal.

  4. Race Car Bed says:

    Some kids love it, some kids absolutely hate it. My son thinks it is smelly. Wonder whether his taste might change when he grows older…

  5. Awww…she looked so cute…very adventurous baby….

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