Is she eating too much?

I only feed baby G 2 main meals a day – lunch and dinner. Usually I will give her a slice of fruit (pitaya/red dragon fruit or golden kiwi) for lunch to complete her meal. She has porridge for both meals which I only cook once a day. The remaining (for dinner) I will keep in a 500ml Thermos jar. So, each meal she has a small bowl of the porridge (about < 200ml) which to my standard is rather normal… not too much and not too little. In between she gets to suck on the boobies on and off for water supply since she don’t want to drink water.

The problem is, she off load too much and too often! Her stool is often very soft but not the watery type so I assumed it is ‘healthy’? She used to have corn-shit when I first started her on solid but after I started giving her pitaya and kiwi she has been having soft stool.

Now, the question which has been hanging on my mind since PiggyBeng asked me if I am feeding her too much?

How much do you feed your baby and how often do they poo?


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0 Responses to Is she eating too much?

  1. Yeapies says:

    I’ll be happy if I were you. Seriously. At least she is not constipating like previously right? As long as she is not having “diarrhea” symptoms, I think she is doing just fine. Baby Jo eats almost double of Baby G but doesn’t have “out put” everyday.

  2. CS says:

    My son was having twice what Baby G has back then when he is almost a year old. However, he is good in the “out put”. At least twice a day and no issue of constipation before.

  3. Elaine says: I wish my JE have more poops. She is so constipated that I have to bring her to the doc.

    • Angeleyes says:

      Hey, maybe you should try feeding her pitaya/kiwi and that red rice from Thailand.
      Ever since I fed baby G these stuff she never had any constipation!

  4. wow that is a tough question, i cant remember about it at all… 😛

  5. Paik Ling says:

    I don’t know how much is 200ml of porridge. Is that a small rice bowl? B3 eats very little hence he only poos once daily. He’s not a big fan of food from what I can tell but loves adult food!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yes… a very small bowl of rice.
      I think you can promote B3 to adult food soon since he is turning 1 in a few days time!!!!

  6. Chew Lee says:

    mine poos at times 4-5 times a day… and I dont think I feed him that much too, perhaps roughly the same portion as Baby G.

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