Not fun to shop with him

Ok… this is referring to PiggyBeng.

Last time we used to go groceries shopping together since I want him to pay instead of me paying first and demand from him with the receipts later. I’m such a disorganized person so many times I will forget to pass him the receipts and thus all the bills I’ll have to absorb. Not fair since I don’t work. 😛

PiggyBeng is one impatient man when it comes to shopping. He is very focus. He writes down what to get and when we reached the hypermarkets or shopping complexes he will zoomed in to the areas where he was supposed to picked up the things. 😀 After he got all his things he will ask ‘can we go now? No walking around shopping for ‘windows’! If I insisted to shop further, he will pull a long face or show me he is feeling ‘real bored’ waiting. Therefore I have to train the kids to love shopping… so the daddy can bring them go get entertained while waiting for mommy to shop! 😆

When I first married here, I dare not drive so I have to depend on him to drive me out to buy things. Imagine how boring that can be… basically I am stuck at home most of the time and only get to go out during the weekends. I am so thankful I finally gathered enough courage to drive as I need to prepare myself to send Darrius to school.

Now I can go do my shopping without him (since he gave me a sub-card as he wanted me to cancel my own cc due to the RM50 charge). I felt so blessed! 😆 Even though I have to lug Baby G with me at least I can go out and smell the roses… the dirty air actually! hahahahaha Well, Penang is so small and we only have 2 major shopping complexes but it is still better to face the four walls at home the whole day… especially this year when PiggyBeng has to do night telecon 3 out of 5 nights a week!

And since I shop on my own I can keep tab on the customer rewards at each of the places I shopped. These companies have implemented good POS systems where they can have complete records of customers’ spending. They gave us rewards based on our buying patterns and we can get further discount and selected items which we often purchased.

PiggyBeng never give a look at all these stuff so I’ll have to keep check on all these petty stuff… after all, I’m a petty yellow face auntie mah! 😛

Though I don’t enjoy shopping with Ah Beng but I enjoyed the perks he game me… a car filled with petrol (can you believe if I tell you I’ve not pump any petrol in my 2 years of driving?????!!!) and a card to use (though I still gotta tell him what I bought) at my own discreation. 😛 I should not complain so much hor? 😀


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0 Responses to Not fun to shop with him

  1. Hahaha.. I m just the opposite. I will have a shopping list with me, grab everything in the list and I’m done whereby my hubby takes his time to check on the new products on the shelves and compare the prices. Blek.. He always says I shop like a rich woman, just grab and go without looking at the price. Haha…

  2. CS says:

    I am the opposite as well. My husband will normally checks out all the prices. I don’t even know the price of my son’s diapers or milk powders. I am hopeless!!

  3. Yeapies says:

    Me too!!! I will normally go with a list and grab what I needed whereas hubby will be the one taking his own sweet time choosing and comparing prices.
    I’m also the one pulling my “long face” when I had to wait for him while he is so engrossed with his “toys”. 😛

  4. michelle says:

    Same here, I have more fun shopping with my kids. Sometimes I just date my children for a shopping trip. However I must go to places w/o any indoor playground.

    • Angeleyes says:

      I can’t wait till my girl is older so we can shop together.
      Yes, I agree with you… must avoid places with playground!!!!

  5. Charmaine says:

    Shopping is always better on my own. Thankfully, my girls love shopping too.. must be in the genes 😀 If I like to browse then I like to it on my own so I can take my time. Sometimes hubby likes to come and shop too, but he’s just as happy to do his own thing. Lucky you, someone to fill up petrol and a supplementary card.

  6. KittyCat says:

    He’s a man mah…the only man I know who loves to shop is a gay friend 😉

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