Lack of postings and comments

I think I have sort of neglected this blog since the conception of Baby G. Sometimes I do have a lot of stuff to post but once I sat down, those ideas will evaporate one after another and when I finally wanted to type out… there don’t seems to be anything to write about! My brain felt so empty. Though I have wanted to capture every little milestone Baby G made or even Darrius, procrastination tends to take the cake! Or maybe it was laziness!!!

To realized that I actually been blogging since 2006, I found my writing skills has not improved much but thank God, I still can make a few bucks out of this boring blog. I also realized that readership has dipped so much compared to 2 years back. Probably everyone has moved on to Facebook and Twitter. I am not a great follower of either coz there are just too much to follow!!!! I am amazed at some who can blog, Facebook and Tweet all the time! 😛

Anyway, I guessed people just need to be reminded all the time. I found that if I do not go blog hopping and leave comments, then lesser will come for a visit and ultimately they will be gone after a while. It is always has to be two-way, you blog and you must comment on others in order to get recipocate. A tiring job indeed!

As much as I wanted to visit others’ and leave a comment but I do not have so much time as most time I just browse through my reader. So basically I am a silent reader! 😛 Also, I think I have moved on to my other area of interest now… mainly in bento-ing. My quest in perfecting my bento-ing skill has taken much of my time as well as minding the kids and the house full time.Remember I don’t have a maid and my MIL is having a better life than an air-stewardess. 😛 My parents are so far away, I don’t even have a chance to drop the kids there so I can go and have a little ‘ME’ time. My ‘ME’ time means I have to lug Baby G along since I am still her milk supply.

Sometimes I think I am crazy. I cooked at least 2 meals a day on most days. I seldom freeze my food as I preder to cook and eat everything fresh. My freezer is filled with ice-creams instead as I have been snacking on that to relief stress! (*o*)

Ok, this is just another occasional rambling post… How I wish I can get some nice and fluffy patio furniture cushions and start dreaming away without having to think of what to cook next! Do you know that it is very stressful to cook when you have an active toddler who never stop asking you for this and that and a crying baby who do not want to play anything except being carried?

*Hmph* When can I get back my life?


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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0 Responses to Lack of postings and comments

  1. leeyen says:

    Ha, Alice I understand the reciprocal comments. I dont like these kinds of comments so that I dont hv much readers 🙂 unless I find someone who writes to my liking I’ll drop a comment there! for those bloggers who I hve been used to them like you I’ll always be a loyal reader! So dont worry I’m still reading your blog!
    I salute you! You can cook twice a day and look after a demanding kid n a screaming baby at the same time. Actually I have been living with my parents since baby M was born! I need help of my mother! I’ll not move back until she’s much older, and by the time we get united will be the time we move to our new hse! 🙂 ha! i never post this on my blog too! for me a blog is just a place to organize our own thoughts, not a place to put too much ‘chore’ into details!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Thanks Leeyen!!!
      I thought you are staying near your parents? hehehehe
      Ok… now I know I am a little insane!
      Actually my hubby is damn lucky… all his colleagues don’t
      get to have slaves like me for their wives! 😛

  2. I still follow your blog and you are added in my blogroll though I may not leave comments in your post entries all the time. 😛

  3. mar says:

    hi there. i just came across your blog. i’m a mum of a 6 mths old girl. also just started to stay at home since she was born. i’m lucky enough to have a maid. i must say i’m really greatful for the help but at the same time… not much for me to do around the house except for looking after baby k. life can be quite mundane at times.

    if i have someone taking care of the laundry, cooking and cleaning… i’m left with the shopping bit. but how much (window) shopping can we do everyday rite??? life is beautiful but it’s up to me to wake up and smell the flowers. Sorry a little out of topic…

    Anyway, just wondering what’s your typical day with your little ones…

    • Angeleyes says:

      Hi Mar! Thanks for popping by!
      You’re so lucky!!!!
      Anyway, your baby is still small…. wait till she learns how to walk
      and there goes your ‘life’! hehehehehe

  4. Yeapies says:

    hhmm… ever since I have kids I’ve already forgotten what is “my life” to me already. Or should I say my life is them vice-versa?
    Anyway, no matter what, I’m still your great fan and supporter. Updates or not, you are still one of my favorite blog to follow… 🙂

    • Angeleyes says:

      I think we seriously need to come out for yum-cha sessions and leave the kids with the hubby!
      Thanks for your support! *hugs*

  5. jacss says:

    to be honest, i do tend to forget visiting some blogs including yours as there are just too many to cope yet too little time 😦
    so like u said, only way is to drop by others’ with comment… keep our blog lively 😀
    i find that very burdening too but that’s the rules ……play or dun play, dilemma hor 😛
    but do keep blogging ya
    u r doing great at home ….feeding nutricious meals to the little ones, the bread winner feels very much at ease !!

    • Angeleyes says:

      I don’t blame you guys… well we all have our own busy lives mah…
      Somemore many of us already have new additions to the family
      so inevitably we will be busier than before!

  6. Chew Lee says:

    It is a two way thing lo, I still blog quite a bit, just to record all the travelling and etc, sort of a diary… I dont blog hop as often as I used to, also dont care about the PR status anymore…

    wah.. cook 2 meals a day, salute you wo, supermama…

  7. Etceteramommy says:

    I’m also a silent reader nowadays. I think at the end of the day our blog is really just a place to recollect thoughts and for us to jot down memories in life. 🙂

  8. a-moms-diary says:

    Salute you…can still cook two meals a day and churn out those wonderful bentos while looking after both kids at home! I don’t even cook during the weekends coz Yan Yan is just like Baby G, everything also only wants mummy.

    • Angeleyes says:

      I am slowly training G to go to daddy… hehheehee must start early so when I start to
      wean her off the boobs will be easier or when I want her to sleep with out me also easier.

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