Can’t stand her cries no more!

I can’t remember when Baby G started her crying spell. Probably about 2 months back if I can still remember clearly… She don’t sleep like a baby any more as she wakes up almost every hour during the night just so she can get boobed (copied this word from mamapumpkin). Initially I told myself that since she could be teething, hence all the crying due to the pain but her teeth have sprouted so she should be feeling better. Guess I was wro0ng. I think I really had enough of this wakey-wakey business during the night. I am not a good sleeper like PiggyBeng (he won’t know if the world explode) so this waking up many times in the night really put a toll on my health. I am turning into a Dracula! (*-*) My problem is, I can go back to sleep after waking up. I don’t take naps either.

Baby G don’t just cry… she will scream louder and louder if I chosed to ignore her. Afraid that the noise will wake her daddy who needs his 8-hour of beauty sleep else he can’t function the next day, this mommy has to sacrifice.


We have never had these kind of situations before with Darrius. Darrius was an easy baby and he don’t cry that much even when he was teething. The only thing was, he has a few rounds of fever which Baby G does not have.

After weeks/ months of these, I think I can take it no more and my last resort was taking this measure…



Yes… I gave her a chut-chut!!!!! It was really something I hate to do but I don’t have or can’t find a better solution! I don’t know how this chut-chut will perform but I am just going to give it a try.

She is already going to be 9-month old in less than 10 days so she might not take it so well as those who got started earlier in their life. But then again, no harm trying.

Bought her a pair of this NUK rubber soothers which supposed to be like real ‘nipple’ so babies were supposed to feel ‘comforted’ by it. Wanted to get the silicone ones but they seemed to be more expensive and looked fake but cleaner. Maybe if Baby G wanted to continue to be ‘chut-chuted’ then I’ll get them for her.

Let her suck on it yesterday and she thought that it was a toy so she kept pulling it out and play with it by biting other areas except the ‘rubber teat’! So I forced her to nap with it and she did put on a tough fight before she finally went to lalaland still sucking it. Some improvement. However, during night time, she refused to have it and insisted on the boobs instead so no choice gotta boobed her else she won’t stop crying.

Then just now, I tried to stuffed into her mouth when I put her to nap and she gave another tough fight but mommy won again and she went to sleep still sucking it. Can’t wait till she is able to sleep on her own while sucking this fake ‘boobies’!


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0 Responses to Can’t stand her cries no more!

  1. Elaine says:

    At 9 months she is still taking, that is not too bad. I started mine very early..can’t remember when, it really makes my life so much easier, though I was very reluctant at first. No 2 & No 3 never had it before.

    • Angeleyes says:

      Elaine, she is not really taking it so I have to practically ‘train’ her to take it!
      Can’t stand the crying anymore…

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Do what you need to do to keep your sanity. Don’t look back 🙂 But I have to say that baby G looks cute even when crying!!!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Thanks Paik Ling!
      I think you will run far away if you have to take care of her! hehehehe
      She can really cry!

  3. jacss says:

    i know what u wrote here should be sad sad…poor mummy but all i bother is to look at her CUTE CUTE photos only lor, hahahaha
    like PL said ….even when she was crying, hehehe

    it’s ok to give chut chut lar….i never regret, so long as i dun hear any unwanted sound 😀

    • Angeleyes says:

      Thanks jacss! Hahhahaha… then you can help me babysit next time!
      The chut-chut is the final resort I can think off… but looks like she is not keen in it…
      She just bite-bite and refused to suck on it.

  4. KittyCat says:

    It’s good that she will take it! Mine WON’T, which is why I am going CRAZY with her at home 😛

    Btw, I have 4 pcs of NUK rubber soothers (18 months and above) if baby G ever get that far, ok? Thought I could keep them for her but she’s not a pacifier baby…

  5. a-moms-diary says:

    I guess you need to start her early on the chut-chut. My two girls also refused when we beh tahan and started to introduce it to them 🙂

    • Angeleyes says:

      If I knew she will cry till the cow come home every day I would have stuffed one into her mouth months ago! Guess it is too late now… she don’t even want to play with it!

  6. She looks darn happy with the chut chut. Can’t help smiling at that pic.

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