Magical Strwaberry Milk!

About two months back, while I was shopping for Darrius’s milk at Tesco, I came upon Dumex’s new Dugro Strawberry milk. It stated on the packaging that it is a limited edition (see, even milk powder has limited edition!!!!) and curiosity get the better of me so I bought a pack! I don’t normally like buying flavored milk (worried that there will be a an increased of sugar content) but knowing Darrius loves strawberries, I just went ahead. PiggyBeng made a fuss but I ignored him! 😆



I did not open this packet until a few days ago and it was an instant hit with Darrius! Then one day, while I was fixing him a bottle, he came and peep and jumped in surprise and asked me ‘Mommy, why the powder is white but the milk turns pink???’ and so I replied him ‘ MAGIC’! 😆 He was looking that when the powder mixed with water it turned pink instantaneously!

He loves magic and thinking that he is drinking ‘magical milk’ makes him thinks he can do magic! 😛 He went on to tell his daddy that he is drinking ‘magic milk’! kakakakaka

Kids! So easily get conned! 😀


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0 Responses to Magical Strwaberry Milk!

  1. Leeyen says:

    Darrius get conned easily! My son only drinks original flavour, even the enfakid’s original tastes too sweet for him! Luckily we found nestle! Cheap and save a lot of money for his milk now! You know he drinks milk as water!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yes… coz his mama is a con-woman! hahahhaa
      Darrius don’t have any preferences as long it is milk he will sapu.
      Just that we don’t normally let him drink flavored milk.
      The only flavored one is Milo and that was about it!

  2. choohk says:’re not alone, the magical words of “Limited Edition” will also catch my attention.

  3. Mei Mei also takes this one ocassionally but the non flavoured onelah.

  4. Jen Cheung says:

    he is such a curious kid lah 🙂 its quite interesting because its pink


    • Angeleyes says:

      Yeap… he likes unconventional things once in a while but most time he’s like his daddy… stick in the mud!!!!

  5. 2ma says:

    if only we can con the boys too 😦 both the boys also dun fancy milk

  6. whoisbaby says:

    apalar … milk also got limited edition one? first time i heard. hehehe … btw, my son also love strawberry flavored milk.

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