Lil’ Princess turns 8-month!

Time flies!!!!! In a blink of the eye, the little princess turns 8-month today. I can still remember clearly the very minute she greeted the world. Can’t believe she has grown so much, so fast… though she is not big in size but she has certainly grew big in her CHARACTER!



Unlike her kor-kor who was a little timid when he was her age, this little fiesty girl is no angel. She is very gung-ho and don’t take NO for an answer. I call her Little Samseng Girl!

Even when she have just learned how to sit unsupported, she is daring enough to explore (fell a few times but that don’t discourage her). She also not like her kor-kor who was so ‘guai’ to sleep in one position and not flip about. This girl is like a little ball, kept rolling! 😆 Poor mommy has to be sandwiched in between with no space to even turn!

Lets take a look at what the little samseng girl can do now…


She started talking!

She has been yee-yee-yah-yah-ing for some time now but normally are those gibberish words that don’t make much sense. However, the past couple of days I heard ‘dah-di’ and ‘mah-mee’ in between. Sometimes I heard ‘meeeeeh-meeeeh” but can’t be sure if she is referring to food or wanted to eat. She will normally kicks her leg when she is happy or excited and will rub both feet together when she is angry or frustrated.


She wanted to stand!

She tried to straigthen her feet when we carry her and if we do place her on a any surface, she will stand straigh and not want to sit down. She will flash you a wide cheeky smile when she do that.


She eats!

Yes, finally our meal times turn wonderful. I have came out with a plan. No milk before meal time! hehehe So, basically she will be very hungry when she wakes up from her nap. Let her wait for 20-30 minutes before serving her. She will glady gobble down her little bowl of porridge. I have also did a make-over on her menu… Samseng Girl gets different menu every day! 😀 So now, meal times have turn blissful and last only 20 minutes the most. This girl has expensive taste… she only wants fish in her meals!


She watches TV!

Well, not a very good thing to start so early but mommy needs to do house chores and cook so 10 minutes is definitely a great help. She don’t watch every show I switched on for her though… she is only keen in a few programs and will only watch max 10 minutes before she starts her series of high pich screams!


She loves playing with water!

When she was younger, she hates bath times. She will try to yank away each time I wet her head but not any more! She enjoyed her water sessions now so much so she can sit in her tub (with some toys of course!) for a good 20 minutes! Looks like the tub is a better baby sitter than the square box!


She loves playing with her kor-kor

When ever Darrius plays with her she will let out those infectious laughters. It seems that she really enjoyed playing with her kor-kor… well, maybe this will last till when the two start to fight for the same toy? From what I can see, she was more like amused rather than enjoyed since what Darrius did was doing all the funny faces at his sister! 😛


She wants to go to school!

Yes, you read it right. Each morning it was not Darrius who wakes up early but this little girl who can’t even walk! Where else the kor-kor needed to be threaten before he gets of his bed! She gets really excited every morning as if she knew she will go out… like she is going to school liddat! She loves the journey to school even though it was a short one. She will give her sweetest smile when Darrius’s teachers came by to say ‘hello’ to her.


She loves SHOPPING!

She definitely has mommy’s genes!!!! Or maybe mommy has trained her well since day one she was in her tummy! 😆 This girl will never make a sound when she goes shopping! She can sit on her stroller for 2-3 hours as long as it moves!


Well, apart from what she can do, here is a list of things I wish she don’t do!

She wakes up almost every hour!

I am saying this again coz it is happening again! I don’t have a clock next to me but as much as I’ve guessed, she wakes up at least 5-6 times each night. Since she co-sleep with me, I am saved from getting up and move her from her bed to mine. What I need to do is just shoved her the boobies each time she fuss (usually will scream if I ignored her even for just a while!) but that does not mean I get to sleep. I am a light sleeper and once I woke up, it will take me ages to fall back to sleep. There are definitley more lines appearing on my face due to lack of sleep! 😐


She wanted to be carried

… most of the time! Though we have tried not to carry her too often since she was younger but some how she has turned sticky like a koala bear. She just wants to be carried. She will only sit in her activity centre for a while and get tired really fast. No amount of toys can make her sit longer.


She is a labels chewing machine

Any labels, she loves them! Those from her toys, her towels, he hankies, her shirts or anything wheich is within her reach! She even went to search for them if she got glimpses of them before. When she is chewing them is as if she is in another world… she looked dreamy and won’t care about anything that happens around her. Sometimes I get skeptical as those labels may be printed with cheapo inks so if she chew on them too often, ultimately she will be ‘swallowing’ these inks.


Hated to be dressed up

She don’t like it when we put on cloths for her. She gets very annoyed each time she dress her up. She will not want to bend her elbow when I try to slip the sleeve on her. She will yank her feet when I put on pants for her. Very naughty right?


Well, guess that are the stuff this old moo-moo can remember!


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0 Responses to Lil’ Princess turns 8-month!

  1. Leeyen says:

    Time flies! Soon you will be celebrating her birthday! Yay! I m looking forward to that! I found girls are more aggresive than boys and mummies wonder why they do things that their kor kors never did at the same age! Haha!

  2. Paik Ling says:

    She’s really such a cutie. Happy 8mths baby G!

  3. Yeapies says:

    looks like both our lil moos have pretty similar characters. 😛

    Blessed 8 months old Baby G. You are growing cuter and sweeter each day! 🙂

  4. leona says:

    Haha.. some parts reminds of Ally too… especially the samseng part.

    Little Baby G definitely has character…and has nice big eyes.

    She looks really nice in those hairbands…does she yank them out after a few minutes? I am so tempted to get these for Ally (since she is so hairless) but worried it won’t stay long on her head.

    • Angeleyes says:

      haha! yeah… girls these days really samseng compared to the boys!
      Sometimes when she is bored she will stars to pull her hair and if she discovered
      the headband she will pull it down and start biting!

  5. michelle says:

    Good next time got shopping kaki. Now my shopping kaki just like to go to the toys dept….sigh.

  6. mommibee says:

    Time really flies leh. I could still remember ur FB status saying u were happy (when u first found out u were pregnant) – didn’t feel like a long time ago. Bb G is really something huh? Hard to get angry at such a pretty, cutie, angelic face with that puppy dog eyes, so beautiful.

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yes Mommibee!!! I still feel like only yesterday when I did the pregnancy test!!!! It was last Easter’s Sunday.
      This little Samseng girl is no angel… she can even scold anyone who not listening to her!

  7. mommibee says:

    P/S I like ur watermark, tooo cute!

  8. jacss says:

    eh my kai-lui (perasan sendiri, haha) is getting prettier leh 😀
    am sure dady will hv to worry a lot when she reaches teenagehood, lol
    stuart also likes shopping….guai-guai sit on the pram whenever we r out in the mall, such a bliss haha
    happy 8 months old !!

  9. jacss says:

    aiyah…why my earlier comment went kaput??
    anyway….my “kai-lui” is really getting prettier lor 😀 *muak-muak*
    happy 8 months old !!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Jacss, not kaput but went into spam box!!!!
      You want to kai or not??? heheheheh
      I think all babies love to go shopping coz got aircon
      and lots of things to see!

  10. janicepa says:

    She is very adorable and pretty… she doesnt look samseng at all..

  11. Jen Cheung says:

    she is too cute lah 🙂

  12. KittyCat says:

    Hey, nice bow! She looks really sweet and pretty esp when she smiles 😀

    At least yours like shopping – mine doesn’t 😛

    She likes to climb, crawl and stand and *hates crowds* exactly like the brother! I think both of them will gang up against us soon hahaha

    • Angeleyes says:

      Mine craves for attention! hahahhaa thus she loves to go shopping so
      strangers will come and pinch her face and try to make her smile!

  13. wen says:

    ur samseng gal is very very pretty la!! love those eyes and so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. chinnee says:

    she is such a beauty. cant wait to read what u are going to do to celebrate yur princess birthday!

  15. laundryamah says:

    not bcos she’s a girl, i think it’s bcos she’s younger & her older sibling is a boy…survival of the fittest ma…look at my samseng? same same kan?

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