No horse show this year?

I remember clearly we went for a horse show at the turf club last year when my parents came for a visit. If I’m am not mistaken, it was somewhere in June. Don’t think I blogged about though since I was still very sick from morning sickness at that time. My blog was in hibernation too! πŸ˜†



That day when we were there, the weather was quite ok and I was feeling slightly better so we decided to go. Darrius was of course very happy. That was the first time all of us entered the turf club. It was a day filled with fun as it was so crowded with people! Darrius was extremely happy seeing all the horses but he screamed the moment we put him on one! πŸ˜†

We also saw the equestrian shows which was one of the highlights of the event which went on for 3 days. It was nice to see the various types of horses. There were pony rides too but Darrius refused to go on the pony! For pony rides, the kids don’t have to put on any equestrian clothing.

I wonder why there isn’t any horse show this year since it was a successful event last year? I’m sure the kids would love to go pet the horses and go on free pony rides!


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0 Responses to No horse show this year?

  1. Yeapies says:

    Oh I’ve got to know about it from Zo’s kindy last year but did not took her because she will scream and jump on the chair even a tiny cat past near her!

  2. Yalo… last year June I posted about it in my blog. Didn’t notice 1 year has passed oredi!! So fast!

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