Bountiful Weekend!

Last Saturday marked the 6th year of our marriage registration. To celebrate, we did not have a grand do (we normally don’t have grand celebrations for anything except for the kids’ birthday!) but rather more of a family kind of affair.

PiggyBeng cooked his famous BBQ pork ribs for the occasion which was lip-smacking good – as usual! 😀 So much better than you know which place! Well, initially he suggested we go there but I reminded him that kids don’t eat free on weekends and their quality is unpredictable!!!

And this is our meal…



For a sumptuous meal like the above, we don’t need to pay RM45/plate! Though we have to do the cooking but all easy peasy since the ribs goes into the oven and I just need to boil the vegetables and stir fry the baked beans.

Even Darrius has his own share…



And you can see from his face that he can’t wait to dig into his stick of rib though his lips are still swollen from ulcers!



If we were at the restaurant, we’ll probably have to pay another RM15 for his kid’s meal! Now we can all enjoy a good meal at the comfort of our home and everyone enjoyed with no complains. 😀

Then the next day, we went to Perda in Mainland. This is Baby G’s first time to Perda as the last time we were there was about 10 months ago… which means Baby G was still in mommy’s tummy. How time flies!

And if we want to get the free ‘push car’ with the steering wheel still attached, we gotta be early! And so the 2 little monkeys enjoyed their own ‘cars’….



See the number on Darrius’s push car? hehehhee… see, we have to be that early to get the good one! They go off pretty fast since it was a Sunday with lots of kids in that area. Even the baby trolley that Baby G sat on was gone in minutes! Baby G likes it a lot as it is much higher than her stroller and best is, this one can recline up to 150 degree which our city stoller can’t!

Baby G looked really grown up in there hor?



PiggyBeng was a happy man that day. He saw some ceramic pots on 70% off and we grabbed 2 pieces! Normal price was RM70 each and now we paid less than RM50 for 2! hahaha Don’t know what he wants to cook with that 2 pots! We had lunch at Old Town Kopi Tiam but it was another lousy experience. It was just 1pm and their curry chicken and curry noodles already OOS! The restaurant manager must be a real lousy planner! How to last till dinner time?

Then, before we leave, we let the elder monkey to relase some of his energy here…



The inflated mega gym has changed a nex set of inflates so PiggyBeng said to let Darrius have a go there. He played for about an hour and decided that he has enough. While Darrius and PiggyBeng stayed on for some sand art, I brought Baby G to the newly opened DIY shop next to it. Found lots of interesting knick-knack there but found that their exit alarm a little annoying when people go in and out of the shop.

After we left Perda, PiggyBeng decided to bring us for dinner nearby which turned out to be another huge disappointment. PiggyBeng’s friend raved about this shop (May Fong – selling Ipoh horfun) but their food is so plain and bland that I don’t think they are any better than the hawkers!


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0 Responses to Bountiful Weekend!

  1. Yeapies says:

    Congratulations! And lucky you for having a hubby whom can cook. Lucky me for having a hubby whom will eat anything I cook.. ahaha
    Have you been to Aseana Mall in Perda? Anything interesting?

  2. chanelwong says:

    Happy 6th year…

    the food looks sooo yummy n delicious…

  3. Happy 6th Anniversary! Yep, you’re right… We just don’t get the satisfaction of our money well spent on most times when we dine out these days. The homecooked ribs look so yummilicious and not to mention the baked beans placed in cupcake cuppies.. 😛

    • Angeleyes says:

      Thanks InspiredMom!
      Yeah… sometimes food outside do not do justice to the price they charged!
      I have a lot of the cupcake cuppies coz my bakery is in hibernation mode! hehehehe

  4. leona says:

    WOW… Looks so professional the way the ribs are glazed!!! You and hubby are such talented cooks.

    Definitely safe a lot of money.

  5. janicepa says:

    baby G is so pretty she looks like “ang moh” baby..

  6. Shooi says:

    WOw. free push car? What time do you have to get there? And the balloon playground, also free one ah? Liddat i also want to take the kids there…hahahaha

  7. Shooi says:

    An oh ya…your ribs are so tempting. I am going to grill some ribs this weekend too..hope they turned out delicious like yours…Any tips to share?

    • Angeleyes says:

      No secret recipes… just have to control the temperature well and don’t bake too long. 230C for 45 mins to an hour then flip over and lowered to 180C for another 30 mins. Make sure you get good BBQ sauce!

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