They can trace you through photo-tagging!

So, you love taking photos with your iPhones and tag them on your Facebook accounts. But do you know that by doing so, you are potentially exposing a lot of details about yourself which you are not aware of?

I was just reading this article and was shocked that just a simple photo taken with a smartphone could actually divulged all kind of private information of the person who took the photo and tag it onto those social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.  How scary can that be!!!!!

So, be mindful the next time you snap photos with your smartphones and tagged them online!


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0 Responses to They can trace you through photo-tagging!

  1. claire says:

    next time will be more careful.. thanks for the info..

  2. michelle says:

    Only if you use an GPS enabled phone. You can switched that off.

    By the way, if you take a pic with your GPS enabled phone, the location will be captured in the meta data of the pic. If you post it online, not just FB, like your blog, you are also at risk. 🙂

  3. leeyen says:

    then better don’t post up any photos! we are actually putting ourselves in danger when we put our photos in this public setting! but it’s hard to resist ourselves frm doing it! oh, another way to protect us frm being traced in FB is delete the posts n photos frm time to time! i do that frequently! 🙂

    • Angeleyes says:

      Speaking of which, I have just done that to my FB’s photos!
      Need to housekeep once in a while. I even deleted some contacts
      who has not post a thing or I added without thinking who they are.

  4. wen says:

    there is never gonna be privacy for everyone

  5. jazzmint says:

    wow..that’ is scary….must be more careful

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