1st Movie date with daddy – Toy Story 3

This is a back-dated post!

Sometime back in April, before our Melbourne trip, PiggyBeng was given 2 tickets to watch any movies in either GSC Gurney Plaza or GSC QueensBay Mall. It came with a RM20 KFC vouchers too but I have used up the vouchers before the show. 😛

Darrius has been watching Chicken Little during that period and he has asked for the ‘big screen with cola and popcorns’ just like what he saw in Chicken Little. The tickets expired in Oct 2010 so I told Darrius that daddy will bring him to the movie very soon knowing that Toy Story 3 will be screening in June during the school holiday. Therefore, I picked 25th June (a Friday since PiggyBeng works half day only) which is a week after school reopens. At which we already came back from our KL trip.

The tickets are the regular tickets so I told PiggyBeng to bring Darrius for the 3-D one which I felt he will enjoy more since he was very excited about those 3-D glasses he saw during some LG and Sony roadshows. However, for 3-D movies, we have to top-up RM5 each for the 3-D glasses rental. Quite okie mah! 😀

After checking with both cinemas, I found out only Gurney Plaza has the 3-D screening so we have to go there lor! I decided not to go for the movie since Baby G might make noises (probably other movie goers will curse at me for bringing a baby!!!) in the cinema and I opted to bring her shopping instead. For that, we don’t have to waste money buying another ticket. 2 hours is very short only when a woman shops! 😆

As it was a matenee show, there were only a small crowd. And so, while PiggyBeng went to get the tickets issued, I brought the kids to cam-whore a bit…



Before they went in to the cinema, I bought a box of popcorns for him which I have promised him earlier but told him there won’t be any cola coz cola will spoil his teeth. Instead, I packed a bottle of Vitagen for him. 😛 Luckily the staff at the entrace did not check his bag! 😆



And so, what happened after the movie?

I asked him if he enjoyed the movie and he told me ‘NO’. 😦 I asked him ‘WHY?’ but he did not know how to reply me. *scratch head*

PiggyBeng then told me that Darrius started to look for me half way through the movie. According to PiggyBeng, Darrius even started to cry during the scene *where the toys got flatten up at the junk yard* and another scene where *the evil doll trying to harm some of those helpless toys*. I’m not too sure since I’ve yet to watch that movie myself. Probably he felt sad for those toys??? 😐

After the movie we went to Chicago again and this time we had a very bad experience with them! Will blog about it in a seperate post.


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0 Responses to 1st Movie date with daddy – Toy Story 3

  1. Yeapies says:

    You will be surprised, the show I took Zoey to has more babies (i guess d parents wanted to watch it desperately lol) than kids and they made less noise then those bigger kids.
    as for take in food, I think they don’t really bother. Zoey asked me how come she smelled fries I turned my head and found the couple sat next to us (with a baby) were having McD!!!
    Overall I think the storyline is quite good in teaching kids to appreciate and take good care of their toys. Nice show. 🙂

  2. sting says:

    was it Darrius’ first time to a cinema? oh well, now that he has a taste of what it’s like, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it better next round… my boy too gets sad when the bad guys hit the good guys and then he insist that he doesn’t wanna watch anymore so don’t dare to bring him to cinema yet… hehehe

    • Angeleyes says:

      Not his 1st time but 3rd time! The 1st and 2nd he slept most parts. This is the first time I was not there with him.

  3. KittyCat says:

    It was too scary! The 3 of us went to watch it at Gurney Plaza also and had to leave in the middle of it. Now, he says he’s not scared anymore and wants us to take him to the “big, big, big” TV again LOL

    Hey, Darrius looks taller already ya?

    • Angeleyes says:

      Lucas is so funny! He needs to digest it for a while before having enough courage again huh? 😛

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