The Golden Cempedak

When it is the durian season here, it is also the rambutan, mangosteens and cempedak season. All these goodies tend to ripe at the same time! This year we have abundance helpings of these goodies (since I can’t really eat any last year due to horrible morning sickness!) and I can say I am very satisfied… *burp~*

Last Friday, we drove up to Balik Pulau to some durian plantations. We brought my friends from Singapore there as this is their first time coming to Penang and visiting a durian plantation… something as rare as some gold coins! They had a blast of a time as they have never seen durian on trees before!

And this is also the first time they seen how a cempedak (Artocarpus champeden) looks like too! They thought it was jackfruit but cempedak is a little different. It flesh/pulp is kinda soft compared to jackfruit where they are normally crunchy. However, they belong to the same family… if I’m not wrong.

Here is a look at the golden cempedak that we bought…



I heard that the price for cempedak has increased this year from RM4 to RM5 a kilo but the lady at this farm that we went only charged us RM3.5 a kilo which is lower than we’ve expected! It tasted very good too but can’t eat too much as it can be really heaty and cause constipation! 😆


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0 Responses to The Golden Cempedak

  1. Yeapies says:

    I missed my langsat/dukung/longkang whatever you call it… I can’t eat last year too due to confinement/bfeeding and this year, I hardly see them. If I ever find them, I’m going to buy 10kgs and savour them all by myself!! muahaha…

    • Angeleyes says:

      Ohh.. you want to eat longgong issit??? Jalan Perak got plenty! Only thing is very expensive… around RM8/kilo.
      You know the market area? Just oppsite next to the traffic light got one ah pek selling at night.

  2. whoisbaby says:

    i like rambutans … havent had them for a long long time … well at least those fresh ones. we can get canned rambutans here. but honestly, i don’t miss durians/cempedak … mangosteen may be a little. but i have seen frozen mangosteen available here. but i dont buy them.

  3. i never eat this kinda cempedak before lah..i want i want..

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