Time to ditch the bottles?

Last night PiggyBeng was in a conference call with his sister (my SIL) who has just given birth to baby girl. We chatted for a while and she showed us the little cutie on the webcam too.

As we spoke, Darrius was drinking his milk (using his bottle) on the sofa behind us and SIL asked what was he doing? Upon hearing that, I told Darrius to hurry up as he has been drinking like 30 minutes but the bottle is still half full! SIL then asked why is he still using the bottle? Both PiggyBeng and myself laughed and told her that he is still a baby! 😛

SIL said her 3rd kid who is 2.5 years old already ditched the bottle since she turned 2! Oh dear! Shame on Darrius!!! She suggested that we should cut the teat in front of him! Will that works?

I have wanted to to wean Darrius off the bottle for a long time but all my attempts were furtile as this boy is too lazy and he will come up with lots of funny acts or reasons so that he can still go with the bottle! When I put milk in the cup, he will complain that it is hot or he will use his fingers to stir the milk or he will drip the milk every where till I am so fed up with him and pour his milk back into the bottle and hand it back give him! o_O

Another problem is, if without the bottle he may even take a longer time to finish up his milk! He already need 30 mins to drink his milk each morning and that is the max time he has! I can’t imagine if I serve his milk in a cup, he can finish or not! He may refused his milk altogether!

Ahhh…. headache!


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0 Responses to Time to ditch the bottles?

  1. michelle says:

    Use a straw, get those fancy straw for him and I bet he will like it.

  2. Cynthia says:

    nvm la.. let Darius take his time to off the bottle.. my brother had his till 10 yrs old.. basically coz it’s easier, and faster too… :p

  3. I know a kid who drank using the bottle till he was 14 😦 anyway, i’m sure when the time is right, Darrius will opt to use the cup lah. Let him enjoy now…hahahhahahaa. I wish Ashley would use the bottle when she stopped drinking milk at 8 months old. Got to spoon feed till she was around 2.5 y old 😦

  4. Allisia says:

    haha… i am thinking how many cups of milk i should serve? oh… prepare as many cloths as u can, is going to use to wipe the floor.
    i went throught that liao…

  5. Paik Ling says:

    I would just leave him as he is. Afterall, how many 18 year olds do you see still drinking from a bottle? 🙂 They are only young once, let them enjoy it!

  6. Annie says:

    My son (same age as Darrius) is also still using bottle to drink milk. Am not planning to stop him. Will only get him to stop when he goes to Std 1. My experience with his elder sister – Stopped bottle, stopped milk! But my son does drink his milk from cup in day care. At home, he just want it in bottle.

    And you can see them enjoying the bottle so much. Where got heart to take that away now ler.

  7. leeyen says:

    my boy is almost 5, but still drinks milk with bottle, i hv never thaught of weaning him, i think it’s ok, my nephew who is standard 2 is still using it for milk! Why rush? have u ever seen any adult drinks with milk bottle? NO? so let the kids be kids! haha! let the kids be babies for few more years lah!

  8. leona says:

    Ryan also still drinks from a bottle. I guess I will let him drink till the day he gives it back to me and say “No thanks!” 😛

  9. mayb can let him try drinking milk in a cup with fancy straw…

  10. Angeleyes says:

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! Will let him decides when he wants to ditch the bottle since I don’t have the time and patience to switch him now! 😛 Don’t want to be the ugly monster! 😛

  11. whoisbaby says:

    brandon had stopped bottle a few weeks ago. at first he was reluctant. every morning asking for the bottle with his milk. we had been lying to the peditrician since he turned 1 because he told us to stop the bottle after he was 1. but we kept giving him the bottle as he could finish the 9ox milk in 5 mins every morning.

    i tried giving him milk in cup and straw bottle but took him forever to finish it. so what i did was i added 1/4 of chocolate milk in the straw cup (take and toss), and about 3/4 cup of regular milk. and he is happily drinking the milk from his straw cup now. i don’t want him to stop milk, thus i didn’t want to stop him in his bottle … but traveling with a bottle and bottle warmer is a hassle for us … and you know we sometimes travel a lot.

    • Angeleyes says:

      I know the chocolate can be a good trick but I don’t want to give Darrius chocolate coz he gets heaty very fast
      and he gets very hyper!!!! Since he is taking milk powder, I dont have any problem with the warmer but it can
      get annoying washing his bottles sometimes! Anyway, I will let him enjoy for few more months and see if I can
      brain wash him out of the bottle or not…

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