This is how we celebrate PiggyBeng’s B’day

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Penang. It was the first time we celebrate Penang as a Heritage city which got its approval from UNESCO last year after much hu-ha. Most schools and civil services got the day off but the MNCs operated as usual since most do not recognize this as their holiday.

So, that means Darrius don’t have to go to school but daddy gotta work! How? Well, we met up for lunch lor! hehehehe Initially we agreed to meet at Queens Bay Mall but upon arrival, PiggyBeng called and said he will pick us up and go to Batu Maung for seafood. He said he want to show me a new place which he has just discovered a few weeks back.

It was still early when we arrived (11.30am) so there were no one in the restaurant yet. This place is near near the Batu Maung market and has 2 units of shops space and with A/C too! Clean and brightly lit as well! Thousand times better than the one at Bukit Tambun!


We made our order and we were served soon after with all the yummy food! We wanted to order those clams but the stock has not arrived so we changed to squids and crabs which was so damn GOOD!


Choi Tam stir-fried with Salted Fish (Very Yummy!!!)


Kam Heong squids – Not too bad!


Sweet & Sour Crayfish (Nice!)


The Star – Crabs with Salted Eggs (Yummiest ever!!!!!)


While we are having our mouth full of food, the lil’ Princess can only munch on the label of her toy! πŸ˜›



After our satisfying lunch, PiggyBeng dropped us back in Queens Bay Mall so we can continue shopping! I rather stay out than in the house as I have less screaming to do! πŸ˜›

I went on my search for the perfect glasses as I wanted to change the current frameless one to a frame one. After searching for a while we ended up at Opulence and I finally found what I have been looking for… but Baby G was rather bored having to sit and wait for her mama to choose her glasses! She was screaming away though I tried bribing her with a few baby bites but she would not stop! Ended up, the guy from the optical shop has to push her around for me and after a few rounds circling the shop, she finally fell into zzzland while holding on to the plastic I gave her to distract her earlier!


Sleeping so soundly and sweetly! πŸ˜›


After we settled with shopping, we rushed home so I could prepare the Birthday noodles for PiggyBeng. And here is a the Birthday Boy’s bowl of noodles…


A Simple bowl of Mee Suah with a Chicken drumstick


Had wanted to boil some red eggs but we already had a very sinful lunch with all the salted eggs, decided to omit the red eggs out.

We rested for a while after dinner before the candle blowing session. Decided to call my MIL and SIL and thought we could have a net conference but was greeted with an even better news! My SIL gave birth in the morning and that means PiggyBeng shared the same birthday as his little niece! Woo hoo!

While online, I saw my friend’s FB status that his wife gave birth too! They were our hosts when we were in Melbourne earlier. So happy for them!!!

And for the candle blowing session…


Darrius insisted that it is his birthday too!!!!


Bought the cake from Bread History… it was a chocolate with cherry cake which tasted quite nice. PiggyBeng said his staff got him the same cake earlier in office! This was chosen by Darrius after finding out the one chose by me, an Opera cake has coffee. Why this cake? Darrius wanted those 2 slices of chocolate on the deco!

And I forgot to take a photo of the whole cake before we cut it so PiggyBeng said we take the last piece for memory sake…



What a memorable day!

Last but not least, I hope our dear PiggyBeng had a fantastic day! πŸ˜€


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0 Responses to This is how we celebrate PiggyBeng’s B’day

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Aiseh, at the rate you were enjoying the day, I would have thought it was YOUR birthday instead!! :O
    Happy belated birthday to your piggy beng, whom at least I can say that i have met πŸ™‚

    • Angeleyes says:

      Hahhahaha! Yeah hor… looked like my birthday rather than his! Well… I sacrifice so much so he should be thankful he can still celebrate another birthday! kekekeke

  2. rachel says:

    Big lunch there for 2.5 people or Darrius can eat like an adult too?
    Happy Birthday to your hubs

    • Angeleyes says:

      The serving is just nice though we tapau some crabs back coz not enough time but the crabs were not that much… only 2 so the meat is just a small bowl πŸ™‚

  3. mommibee says:

    your sleeping lil cupcake look soooo cute holding onto the plastic while asleep!

  4. jacss says:

    hahahahaha lol’ing at my ‘kai lui’ falling asleep like that πŸ˜€
    see lar…the optician wants yr bis so badly, hehehe
    i will note the seafood u recommended…u know how foodie we are, rite…anyway, tks for sharing!!
    u r very the sweet lar…that bowl of mee suah surely looks full-of-love !!
    happy b’day to piggy beng ya!!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yalor… the whole time I was there I was the only customer! kekekkekeke But according to them Opulence is of better quality compared to Focus Point wor so the price also about the same (yes, I went to check out prices!!!!) but all the brands I’ve not heard before also! Those brands I wanted none fits me so no choice lor!

      Yes, this restaurant is not bad at all! Most important got A/C (so babies won’t cry!) and price quite reasonable.
      And thanks for the wishes! πŸ˜€

  5. jazzmint says:

    happy belated bday to your other half. wah next time must ask u for the contact to this place and bring my mil hehe

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