Baby G is 7-month!

Gosh! I hardly have any time to catch my breath and today it is already the 2nd of July! Half a year breezed by and I felt I have not done much! Everyday is like going into the war zone… fighting like a soldier, day in day out… especially on weekedays. I am so looking forward to weekends now (just like a school going child!) so that I could sleep in a little!

Today, the Little Princess tunred 7-month and I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Well, happy that at least she can do this now…


Yes, she can sit unsupported since a few days ago… which should be lesser work for us but NO! She can’t sit for long! Else she will scream her lungs out just like the photo above! The thing is, she does not like to be left alone!

One of the greatest changes since she turned 6-th month was she sleeps so much lesser!!!! She wakes up very early mind you… as if she is the one who is going to school! She normally will wakes up the moment she finds that I am not next to her… around 6.45am. Then after sending Darrius off, she will go for a nap around 9am and if I’m lucky she can sleeps for 2 hours – max. Most time it is around 1 hour or less. In the afternoon, max 2 hours and if I’m lucky 3 hours but that is sooooooooo RARE! Evening she sleeps for 30 mins and that was it! Bed time is 9.30pm. See, in that 15 hours she only slept less than 5 hours! And the night is not any better too! She wakes up almost every hour! 😦

Why is she not sleeping??? Now she got the cold so her nose is kinda stuffy at night but what is the problem when she don’t have the cold???? Why she don’t sleep???? *sob* I am already feeling like a zombie each morning but I still go ahead and pack bento for Darrius as I know I have been neglecting him and have not shower him with more hugs and kisses the past months since Baby G started co-sleep with me.

Going to bring her to the clinic to get her weight and height next week so will update this post once I have those details. Mean while, here are what the little devil can do now…

  • Can and will lounge forward to reach for things that appeals to her
  • Very short attention span… can never play with anything longer than a few minutes… will yanks away anything she is holding when she gets frustrated
  • Don’t like food which are meant for her! She has been rejecting all the cereals and porridge I made for her! 😦 Ended up, I have to eat them… *sigh* She only likes those Baby Bites made of rice but I found that too heaty for her as she gets constipated after a little too much the past few days. Basically, she likes what we eats! Yes, she showed great interest in our food!
  • Rejected water too and will squirm and scream if I shoved the water bottle into her mouth
  • Started to talk more but still gibberish
  • Can understand more words
  • Loves playing with her kor-kor
  • Enjoys car rides but not for too long!


For personal records, here are some of the food I have fed her randomly so far:

  • Golden kiwi
  • Orange juice
  • KFC’s whipped potato (without the gravy)
  • Porridge cooked with meat, corn and carrot)
  • Bread


The problem is, she has very sensitive skin and if the food is not suitable she will get very serious skin allergy! She is so different from Darrius. Darrius is like a garbage bin… anything goes!

I am going to try those bay food again and just hope and pray she will take something else she will not be full and that could be the MAIN reason why she can’t sleep at night… she could be not full since she only drink Mama’s milk!

Updated on 5/7/2010

Weight: 7kg (2kg lighter than Darrius @ about the same time)

Height: 67cm (3cm shorter than Darrius @ about the same time)


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0 Responses to Baby G is 7-month!

  1. Wah! Another milestone, can sit already 🙂

    The day time naps’ timing are normal but night time, wake up hourly? Poor you. What does she do when she wakes? Play until she sleeps again? Hopefully, once she recovers from the flu, she will sleep better.

    • Angeleyes says:

      IMM – haiyo, she is a very light sleeper now so I also dono what to do with her when she wakes up. Feed her and kept feeding her to occupy her! 😛

  2. such a big girl already 🙂 maybe she sleeps less now because she’s older? 5 hours during the day is quite a lot, no?

    • Angeleyes says:

      mommy to chumsy – 5 hours for a baby is very little!!! She should be sleeping at least 10-15 hours! 😦

  3. leeyen says:

    M is the same, i lose counts on how many times I put her down to the bouncer to sleep during the days! very short naps, there’s no pattern of it! but i’m not anxious bout that, she knows herself best, i just adjust myself to her needs! about Glen waking up every one hr at nights, I think it’s just a passing phase! not to worry lah!
    Happy 7 mths old to Glen! ei, now only i realise that M is only 14 days older than Glen!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Leeyen – I REALLY hope this is just a passing phase. My guess is, she is not full hence she can’t sleep for long. I am hoping she will start to eat this month onwards else I think I’ll turned into a monster and shoved food into her! 😛

  4. mommibee says:

    Alice, my girl was also like yours – hardly slept. Her daytime naps were only 40 mins max a session (prolly only 2 naps a day). Only slept through the night after 6 mths of age but would always rise and shine by 5am. Hope bbG sleeps through the night and not wake every hourly, that’s so tiring for u.

    • Angeleyes says:

      Mommibee – Last time Darrius also has very short naps but he can sleeps through the night and he seldom cry. Glennie cries all the time… so tired carrying her around and I can’t get stuff done!

  5. Paik Ling says:

    Perhaps you’re right in that she sleeps little cos she is hungry? She doesn’t take any formula either? Eh 5hrs during the day is A LOT already lah if you compare to Bradley. Since he turned 5-6 mths, he only clocks in MAX 4hrs during the day but he konks out at night lah. Now he sleeps even less during the day, probably about 2hrs in total!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Paik Ling – Nope, I did not give her any formula at the moment… maybe only when I want to wean her off… She wakes up for a long time during the day and sleeps so little… don’t know if it is good for her to grow up or not?

  6. jacss says:

    ehh, waking up every hour at night is nightmare ler…. so i think i shdn’t complaint anymore, lol
    but my bb sleeps less than 30 mins each session during the day unless if someone carry him to sleep….u say my ear pain or not, not a single day that my mom didn’t complaint & nagged abt this sleeping disorder of him 😦
    hey dear, maybe u can try supplementing formula to her at night??
    sorry but she looks cute in the crying photo lor….hehe running away !!

    • Angeleyes says:

      I was contemplating formula too but I must be determined to feed her with mama’s milk for at least a year before supplimenting coz kor-kor was exclusiely on mama’s milk for 18 months.

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